Our New Digital World



The global pandemic has thrown a rather large monkey wrench in the forecasting machine that has served the cloud computing industry fairly well up until now. Industry leaders—and indeed anyone who expects to thrive in the Cloud—have no choice but to come up with new ways of answering two critical questions:

What does the new status quo look like?

What does even the near-term future hold in store?

Answering these questions will require the combined insights, experience, and creativity of the business leaders and innovators that make up the CloudFest community.

At CloudFest 2022, we’ll gather from around the world to build a more definitive view of our new shared environment based on case studies, data analysis, customer conversations, media trends, and shared experiences in weathering the tumult of 2020 and 2021.

»The best way to predict the future is to invent it.«

Alan Kay (Atari, Apple, Xerox PARC, HP Labs)

  • Discover new ways to help customers who are struggling to fully digitize.
  • Explore how Cloud offerings such as VPN, virtual machines, and edge computing are shaping—and being shaped by—the changing ways in which people work.
  • Build better frameworks for helping your customers realize their e-commerce dreams, turning side-hustles into careers and job-creation opportunities.

In understanding the new today and the emerging tomorrow, we can determine how cloud service providers should be updating their offerings and business strategies to maximize not only their bottom lines but also their impact in tomorrow’s digital world.

The Cloud has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to establish itself as a force for making the New Normal better than the old one, and maybe even buffering the world against whatever looms past the horizon.