Experience a totally new ride adventure in the French themed area.

Around the dark-ride coaster visitors will now be greeted by a true-to-life replica of Moulin Rouge evoking the times of the Belle Epoque. Guests will wonder through a waiting area with detailed decorations of Moulin Rouge and Paris before embarking on a ride through illuminated Paris with the trains of Eurosat – CanCan Coaster.With this true-to-life replica, Europa-Park pays tribute to the tradition of ‘Mouline Rouge’ a Parisian bastion of fun and entertainment which has been established at the foot of the Montmartre hill since the 19th century.

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An impressive journey past rugged cliffs and breath-taking landscape awaits you! In only 2.5 seconds you will be catapulted from 0 to 100 km/h with the blue fire Megacoaster powered by Nord Stream 2. Spectacular speedy turns take you past ragged Icelandic landscape by a hair’s breadth. The train wiggles past brittle cliffs over and over again and fights through rocks underground before finally turning through the highest looping of a catapult coaster in Europe.

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The “Silver Star“ is one of the biggest and highest steel rollercoaster’s of Europa-Park and invites you to an exciting altitude flight. With a height of up to 73 meters, a maximum speed of 130 km/h and enormous centrifugal forces of 4G this ride guarantees a special combination of speed and weightlessness and is additionally a technical quantum leap.

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The dream of flying becomes a reality! The ‘Voletarium’ in the German themed area invites visitors to embark on a breath-taking flight across Europe.

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Enjoy a leisurely start to the ride as the cars wind themselves around the track inside one of two enormous mirrored towers and then, as you reach a height of 28m, get ready for the nosedive!

Race up and down around tight bends and straight into a black hole at a speed of 80km/h – all whilst your car is spinning 360º!

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Enter the medieval castle covered in cobwebs – but once you’re inside there’s no way back! You are completely at the mercy of the restless ghosts.

Pass by gruesome creatures, through creepy scenery, and try ignore the eery voices and their threatening whispers.

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The new virtual reality adventure at the French themed area ‘Eurosat Coastiality’ is enhanced with Luc Bessons‘ epic cinema hit ‘Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets’. This adventure in space ensures that the Eurosat continues with its popular universe theme.

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Since CloudFest 2021 is a digital event, there will be no theme park attractions this year (unless you have a roller coaster in your home office). We have found other ways to keep you stimulated, though. When you join us March 23-25, be ready for a few surprises!