Europa-Park Attractions Available For Your Enjoyment!

Exclusively during lunchtime hours 12 pm to 3 pm


The dream of flying becomes a reality! The ‘Voletarium’ in the German themed area invites visitors to embark on a breath-taking flight across Europe.

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Blue Fire

An impressive journey past rugged cliffs and breath-taking landscape awaits you! In only 2.5 seconds you will be catapulted from 0 to 100 km/h with the “blue fire Megacoaster powered by GAZPROM”.

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Silver Star

The “Silver Star“ is one of the biggest and highest steel rollercoaster’s of Europa-Park and invites you to an exciting altitude flight. With a height of up to 73 meters, a maximum speed of 130 km/h and enormous centrifugal forces of 4G this ride guarantees a special combination of speed and weightlessness and is additionally a technical quantum leap.

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Enjoy a leisurely start to the ride as the cars wind themselves around the track inside one of two enormous mirrored towers and then, as you reach a height of 28m, get ready for the nosedive!Race up and down around tight bends and straight into a black hole at a speed of 80km/h – all whilst your car is spinning 360º!

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Ghost Castle

Enter the medieval castle covered in cobwebs – but once you’re inside there’s no way back! You are completely at the mercy of the restless ghosts.

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Enjoy a breathtaking 360º view over Europa-Park, the Rhine valley, the Black Forest, and the French Vosges as we elevate you to a height of 75m in our glass lift.

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Alpenexpress Coastiality

Alpenexpress Coastiality is a virtual reality adventure like never before. Futuristic worlds will unfold before your very eyes whilst you simultaneously experience the rushing air, centrifugal force, and twists and turns of a real world rollercoaster. During the ride visitors will experience an animated 3D world that perfectly matches the actual rollercoaster track.

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