Europa-Park | Rust | Germany

CloudFest is pleased to return once again to the legendary Europa-Park, the exclusive resort playing host to our global festival since 2012. Located in the heart of Europe at the crossroads of Germany, France, and Switzerland, Europa-Park hits all the right notes with its impressive facilities, impeccable service, and ease of accessibility – all with an extra “wow” factor on top. Unconventional in nature when compared to your “cookie-cutter conferences,” Europa-Park delivers the kind of backdrop that is grand in scale yet intimate in feel, effortlessly communicating the essence of the CloudFest “work hard, play hard” culture.  

Address for navigation systems:
Europa-Park-Strasse 2
77977 Rust




Travel Directions

Photo: Fraport AG

By Plane

Frankfurt/Main and Zurich Airports bring you close to CloudFest. From both airports, you can continue your journey with Deutsche Bahn to Offenburg train station, where there is a free CloudFest Shuttle service taking you directly to CloudFest.

Travel times are about 90 minutes from Frankfurt and 120 minutes from Zurich.

Frankfurt/Main Airport (FRA)

Frankfurt/Main Airport is Germany’s largest airport and serves flights from all major airlines.

Further information about Frankfurt/Main airport is available at

Zurich Airport (ZRH)

Zurich Airport is Switzerland’s largest airport handling flights for major airlines as well as specializing in on-site shopping and dining.

More information about Zurich Airport is available at www.zurich-airport.com.

Other airports near Europa-Park

Strasbourg (SXB): 40 km
Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden (FKB): 64 km
Basel (BSL): 90 km

By Bus

There are regular shuttle buses to and from Offenburg to Europa-Park which includes stops to hotels outside Rust.

Bus Shuttle Offenburg HBF – CloudFest Main Entrance

Bus Shuttle Holiday Inn – Ep-Express (Station: Hotel)

Bus Shuttle Kronasar Hotel – EP-Express (Station: Hotel)

By Car

Located between Germany, France, and Switzerland, Europa-Park can easily be reached by car from across Europe. Parking is free for CloudFest visitors.

Take the motorway A5 to Europa-Park, exit 57b Rust.

By Train

The Offenburg ICE station directly connects CloudFest to Europe’s express train network. Offenburg station can be reached quickly from many major European cities using either ICE or TGV. From Offenburg station, our free CloudFest Shuttle leaves every half hour and takes you to the event location within a few minutes.

By FlixBus

Flixbus is a new addition to our transportation options to get you to Europa-Park. Visit flixbus to investigate pricing, time and location options as well as to book your ticket directly.

Business Shuttle Pick-Up

Interested in making your journey from the airport or train station extremely convenient? Book a personal business shuttle! Whether you are traveling alone or with a small group, you can effortlessly schedule your desired pick-up time at the train station or airport.

Business Shuttle Pick-Up

Want to make your journey from the airport or train station extremely convenient? Book a personal business shuttle! Whether you are traveling alone or with a small group, you can easily schedule your desired pick up time at the train station or airport.

Daniel Zeibig
Holl – Business Limousinen Service
Email: daniel.zeibig@holl.ag
Phone+49 (07225) 9645-18

Airport Shuttle
Tarif Frankfurt/Stuttgart Basel Zürich Strasbourg
Return One Way Return One Way Return One Way Return One Way
First Class 4 Pax incl 888,00 € 480,00 € 378,00 € 198,00 € 748,80 € 405,00 € 360,00 € 198,00 €
First Class 7 Pax incl 960,00 € 576,00 € 432,00 € 230,50 € 880,00 € 528,00 € 432,00 € 270,00 €

*Please note: This service is not included in your VIP ticket or regular ticket; all charges must be settled directly with Holl – Business Limousinen Service.