40,000 €





New classrooms + lavatory


Entire new school built


Guatemala’s school system is severely crippled by overcrowded classrooms, broken infrastructure, and a lack of resources. Compared to other Latin American countries, Guatemalans suffer from low-quality education due to a lack of teachers. The high cost of uniforms, supplies, and transportation means a significant number of children are unable to attend even the tuition-free schools. Only 74.5% of the population aged 15 and over is literate. Public spending for education in the region is inadequate, so school-age children aren’t getting the tools they need to reach their potential.

The Escuela Oficial Urbana Mixta San Antonio, in the Guatemalan highlands, consists of one pre-primary, one primary, and two secondary schools. This overcrowded school had 525 pupils sharing 10 classrooms. Your generosity already helped us renovate the school and build five additional classrooms. Since this school will only experience higher demand, we had to go bigger—not only building more space, but giving these kids and their teachers the capacity for design and computer classes.


We teamed up with locals to transform the Escuela Oficial Urbana Mixta San Antonio school center into a place where the cycle of poverty is broken. Besides building a new kitchen so these kids can eat better, we installed modern infrastructure such as internet connectivity—and supplying new computers as well. Access to 21st-Century learning platforms gives these students a springboard to success in an interconnected world.

Teaming up with the nonprofit group Entrepreneurs for Knowledge (EFK), we leveraged the generosity and sense of community in the cloud computing industry to raise funds for these ambitious projects. We worked closely with Guatemala’s local representatives, parent committees, and local nonprofit Esperanza e.V., which has a track record of building over 50 schools for 3,000 children already.

CloudFest passionately believes in the idea of full and free access to education for everyone, and this school was only the beginning. We encourage you to support EFK in its mission to level the playing field for upcoming generations by supporting other school projects. Let’s build these kids a brighter future.


CloudFest CEO Soeren von Varchmin went to visit the school, located near beautiful Lago d’Atitlan in the Guatemalan highlands, for the official opening. After many months of fundraising and a challenging construction schedule, it was amazing to see the results of all this hard work and generosity—and to actually meet the students and teachers who will be using the school each day.

Here you’ll find before-and-after photos of the school site, as well as a video of the school’s joyous reopening. This is what we can accomplish together.

»Education is the most important tool to help Guatemala´s children to thrive. Only with a proper school environment children can concentrate on learning«
Luis Palacios
Architect of the CloudFest School