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Classrooms (+ lavatories)


For each year of CloudFest, we aim to build one school! Last year we completed one in Guatemala, and this year one in Senegal. These schools serve the most vulnerable communities, unlocking the intelligence, talent, and imagination of new generations. Where will we build next?

Our charity partner Entrepreneurs for Knowledge (EFK) has a proven track record of facilitating the construction of schools for underprivileged communities around the world. EFK finds impactful school projects all over the world and makes doing good as easy as possible. As all their operating expenses are covered.

100% of your donation will reach our school-building projects.

Omar Faye
»We are infinitely thankful to CloudFest. The new buildings have positively changed the school. Many children stayed home before but now they are attending classes because they enjoy learning and feel safe here. The buildings really attract the children to come because they feel it’s worth it now.«
Omar Faye
the CloudFest School in Senegal of Principal


  • 2019 Guatemala
  • 2021 Senegal
  • 2019 - Guatemala


    Thanks to generous donations from companies and individuals in the cloud computing industry and some fantastic construction work by our local partners, over 500 kids get a better shot at a brighter future. In October 2019, the newly-renovated Escuela Oficial Urbana Mixta San Antonio in Sololá, Guatemala opened its doors.

    “It was important to design the new classrooms with the students in mind. It´s not just about a safe learning environment, but also about space where the teachers have the opportunity to provide their students with a quality education.” said school architect Luis Alberto Palacios.

  • 2021 - Senegal


    Senegal’s educational system faces many challenges. While the country offers free, compulsory education up to age 16, many students drop out due to poverty and a lack of resources. Female students in particular are disadvantaged by the system.

    In 2018, EFK facilitated the construction of a school in the tiny, remote village of Soupa Sérère, which currently serves around 150 students from across the region in three combined-year classrooms. As the student population grew, there was an urgent need to create more space. With help from Cloudfest attendees and partners, we raised enough funding to make the extension of the school in Soupa Sérère possible! As of November 2021, construction is complete and region’s students are enjoying their new space.

»Education is the most important tool to help Guatemala´s children to thrive. Only with a proper school environment children can concentrate on learning«
Luis Palacios
Architect of the CloudFest School in Guatemala