CloudFest is legendary for its parties and concerts, and CloudFest 2022’s social events will be no exception. When the sun goes down, the volume goes up as the CloudFest community networks and celebrates together.

Here’s a hint of what we have lined up

Monday, March 21


The Come2Gather Party is the traditional kickoff for CloudFest at Europa-Park. Since this is our first time together in person since 2019, you can safely expect this evening to ROCK.

7:00 PM | Hotel Bell Rock

Tuesday, March 22


Bring your boogie shoes, because our special guest band will get you dancing until late into the night! They specialize in electronic dance music, and we’re fairly certain that they’re not robots. That’s all we’ll reveal for now.

7:00 PM | Hotel Colosseo

Tuesday, March 22

VIP Oasis

Tuesday, March 22

VIP Passholders will enjoy dinner and drinks before CloudHouse gets going, as well as their own area from which to enjoy the show. (Of course, wading out into the crowd is always an option!)

7:00 PM | Hotel Colosseo

Wednesday, March 23


The arena rock is coming at you full-force as the music-hungry CloudFest community gets ready to turn it up to 11! Does your internet industry conference wardrobe include a denim jacket with the sleeves cut off? Well, it should! The CloudFest 2022 Connection Party is powered by our friends at Sectigo. For those about to rock, we salute you! \m/(>_<)\m/

7:00 PM | Hotel Colosseo

Thursday, March 24


We’re in Germany’s Black Forest, so let’s close down CloudFest in the proper style with Bierfest. Steins, songs, sausages, and seriously good times await you at the Theme Park’s Seehaus!

7:00 PM | Restaurant Seehaus in Europa-Park


Keep your ear to the ground for pre-party happy hours at the Cloud Fair exhibition hall, powered by Intel; and Europa-Park hotel bars, as well as after-hours carousing at the Cloud-famous Colosseo Bar powered by Sectigo!