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March 20-23, Europa-Park


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March 20 – 23

Europa-Park, Germany

6,000+ Participants
250+ Speakers
150+ Partners
65 Countries

We’re taking over an amusement park in the
Black Forest—and yes, the park is open just for us!

Welcome to CloudFest

CloudFest is the #1 internet infrastructure event in the world, connecting the global cloud computing industry: you’ll form the partnerships that help you reach your business goals, and have a great time doing it. CloudFest returns to deliver an even bigger, more engaging live event experience that will surprise longtime attendees and first-timers alike.

This is CloudFest

The world’s largest cloud industry event is ready to once again take over a spectacular European amusement park to facilitate new partnerships, deep knowledge sharing, and the best parties the industry has ever seen. We do this because we love technology, we love people, and we’re excited for the possibilities that emerge when brilliant human beings connect.

Meet our First Speakers

Day 1: The Digital Supply Chain

Sandra Wachter

Prof. of Technology and Regulation

University of Oxford

Inside the Black Box

You’ll explore how you can leverage the momentum of rapid digital transformation to reinvigorate the supply chain and revolutionize how people are hired, collaborate, and get things done. When open-source tools run up against walled gardens, this can get complicated—but CloudFest will help you to make it work.

Speaking on Day 1 is Sandra Wachter, Professor of Technology and Regulation at the University of Oxford. As a privacy and GDPR-reform advocate who focuses on ethics in AI and robotics, Wachter works on how to make algorithms function fairly, even when you don’t know exactly what they’re doing.

Day 2: Protectors of the Internet

Yuliana Shemetovets


Belarusian Cyber Partisans

The Front Lines of Cyber Warfare

CloudFest will help you reach your internal security and delivery enablement goals while making sure your customers’ data stays safe in your hands. Beyond commercial cybersecurity, we’re bringing you lessons from actual cyber warfare.

The Cyber Partisans have claimed responsibility for attacks against Russian and Belarusian infrastructure to prevent the movement of Russian troops, as well as the release of government and police data—and they’ve been helping protesters and activists to safely communicate. The group is anonymous, even to each other—but activist and Cyber Partisans spokesperson Yuliana Shemetovets joins us on Day 2 for a conversation about fighting a war using data. 

day 3: Retention is the New Acquisition

Andrew Cotton

Professional big Wave Surfer

Go Big or Go Home 

This year we will directly equip you with skills to maximize revenue, by keeping you squarely focused on fulfilling the evolving needs of your existing customers—making them more valuable to your reputation as well as your bottom line.

Risk management and knowing when to go with the flow are useful skills in business and in life, so we’re bringing you a true expert: Andrew Cotton is a professional big wave surfer who has conquered some of the biggest breaks in the world—from Portugal and California to Australia and Hawaii. 

Cotty has learned his lessons in resilience the hard way… you’ll see when you meet him on Day 3!

day 3: Retention is the New Acquisition

Internet Heroes

Paul Vixie

Co-Inventor of the DNS

Currently the VP of Security at AWS, this Internet Hall of Famer wrote the original ARPANET delivermail application. He contributed to the Domain Name System (DNS), and is also responsible for protocols such as sendmail, which supports SMTP.

Michael “Monty” Widenius

Creator of MySQL and MariaDB

As the godfather of databases, Monty put the M in LAMP. He was a champion of open source culture before it was “cool”, from North America to Asia! Monty is also a founder and partner at OpenOcean, a VC firm dedicated to empowering tomorrow’s leaders in the data economy.

Local Hero

Adrian Stanek

The MSP Next Door

Adrian is the CTO of webbar, whose office is just 200m from Europa-Park. He’ll explain the strategies and ethics around serving SMBs right here in the area.

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CloudFest USA cpanel

May 31-June 3, 2023 in Austin

If you can’t make it to Germany—or if you want two CloudFests in one year—don’t miss CloudFest USA in Austin, Texas! Because The world doesn’t need another tech conference series—it just needs CloudFest.

CloudFest Partners

Our sponsors help shape the experience for the world’s top internet infrastructure industry event—and it’s an amazing experience!

Want to Exhibit at CloudFest?

There’s no substitute for being at the world’s top cloud conference! Face-to-face is by far the best way to engage with customers, partners, and peers: with over 6,000 professionals eager to do business with you, it’s no surprise so many brands use CloudFest as the launchpad for their latest solutions. Becoming a CloudFest exhibition partner is not only easy—it also makes perfect business sense.

Your Quick Guide to CloudFest

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CloudFest 2023: Bird’s-Eye View


Mar 18-19


9:00 am
Registration opens
(for Partners)
10:00 am
(reg. hackers only)


March 20


9:00 am
Registration opens
10:00 am
(reg. hackers only)
2:00 pm
Everything WordPress by WebPros
7:00 pm
in the Streets


March 21


8:00 am
Registration opens
9:00 am
Cloud Fair Opens
9:30 am
Welcome speech
6:00 pm
Cloud Fair closes
7:00 pm
VIP Event
(VIPs only)
7:00 pm
powered by


March 22


8:00 am
Registration opens
9:00 am
Cloud Fair Opens
9:30 am
Welcome speech
6:00 pm
Cloud Fair closes
7:00 pm
ConneXion Party


March 23


8:00 am
Registration opens
9:00 am
Cloud Fair Opens
9:30 am
Welcome speech
6:00 pm
Cloud Fair closes
7:00 pm
WebPros BierFest

Past CloudFest Speakers

Insights and inspiration from some truly amazing people in the worlds of art, science, and culture.

Mark Shuttleworth credit Hamor Photography NEU 1

Mark Shuttleworth


Canonical Ltd.

Tatiana Tropina

Tatiana Tropina

Cybercrime Expert

Max Planck Institute for Foreign and International Criminal Law


Birgitta Jonsdottir


max schree

Max Schrems

lawyer, author, and privacy activist

Aldrin Buzz 2

Dr. Buzz Aldrin

Apollo 11 astronaut


SteveWozniakChiefScientist 1

Steve Wozniak




Marie Douglas

VP, Global Technology Service Providers



Sir Tim Berners-Lee

Inventor of World Wide Web

Yuval Noah Harari Portrait 10

Prof. Yuval Noah Harari

Historian, Philosopher, and Author

CF2021 James Gosling Nighthacks 1

James Gosling

Inventor of Java


Edward Snowden

Former Intelligence Community Officer & Whistleblower

Marietje Schaake

Marietje Schaake

Member of the European Parliament

Laura Dekker Feet 1244645

Laura dekker

Youngest person to Circumnavigate the globe

Fabian Thylmann 1

Fabian Thylmann


mindgeek (Youporn, pornhub)

Patricia Florissi

Patricia Florissi

VP, Global CTO for Sales & Distinguished Engineer

Dell Technologies

Wales Jimmy

Jimmy Wales



CloudFest Eye Candy

CloudFest 2023 Tickets

Standard Pass

399 € excl. VAT
March 21 – 23, 2023

The Standard Pass is like general admission at a sports stadium or concert: you get the run of the venue, plus free lunch and coffee breaks; as well as free shuttle service from Offenburg.


  • Access to the entire CloudFest venue at Europa-Park and its hotels, March 21 – 23, 2023.
  • Invitation to all of the main parties networking events
  • Event bag with CloudFest documentation
  • Participation in Keynote, Breakout, and Masterclass tracks, and Exhibition Hall
  • Catering, including lunch and coffee breaks
  • Free shuttle from Offenburg to Rust and back

VIP Pass

999 € excl. VAT
March 21 – 23, 2023

The VIP Pass is like box seats at a sports stadium or convert: you get everything included in the Standard Pass, plus VIP-only perks like free shuttle service around Europa-Park in high-end cars.


  • All benefits from the Standard Pass
  • Chauffeured luxury car service between venues and EP hotels
  • Exclusive high-level networking events
  • Hotel VIP treatment and concierge service
  • Access to VIP Lounge
  • Special lunch restaurant with gourmet catering


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