CloudFest WordPress Day
March 20, 2023


We’ve added an extra day at CloudFest 2023 to help internet infrastructure professionals unlock the full potential of WordPress, the world’s leading CMS. Taking place on March 20, this surprise addition to the festival is already included in your registration. Are you ready to take your WordPress game to the next level?

WordPress Day


Helping Your Company Unlock the Power of WordPress

WordPress powers 43% of all websites—and 63% of CMS-based sites. We’ve extended CloudFest 2023 by a full day so you can get the ultimate rundown on WordPress, directly from its creators!

We have lined up a set of sessions dedicated to helping you unlock the full potential of WordPress for your customers: deploying it, optimizing it, customizing it, and keeping it secure.

You’ll connect with the very top WordPress plugin providers and security experts in the world—including Automattic and WebPros—to increase your expertise with the #1 CMS on the internet. 

WordPress Day is included in your CloudFest registration!

No Additional Ticket Required!

Here is the full agenda for WordPress Day

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WordPress Day


3:00 pm
An Overview of the WordPress Ecosystem
We’ll start with a brief history of the project and its growth, followed by an introduction to the key parts of the WordPress ecosystem…
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3:10 pm
WebPros: WordPress by the numbers
How many registered domains are out there? How strong is the WordPress dominance among those?…
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3:25 pm
Innovation up and down the stack – how delivers a faster experience by investing at the edge
Learn how built and bootstrapped a multi-million dollar Managed WordPress platform my re-imagining innovation up and down the stack with its edge-first approach…
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3:55 pm
State of WordPress Security
Oliver shares insights based on the data that has been collected from the entire year of 2022 by processing more than 4000 security vulnerabilities affecting WordPress core, plugins and themes. …
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4:10 pm
WordPress Security – How do you secure half of the internet?
Ok, not quite half. But at 43% and still growing, WordPress has a huge attack surface which is a continual target and subsequent pain-point for Webmasters, Digital Pros and CSPs alike. …
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4:40 pm
The needs of a WordPress customer
WordPress on its own is almost never enough for your customers. They need more, and for each set of functionality there are a ton of options. …
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4:55 pm
Unlocking the Potential of Agency Clients: What You Need to Know to Secure Their Business
Attracting agencies is a holy grail in the hosting space. They bring their clients’ accounts along for the ride, reduce the demand for support (as they typically take care of the basic questions), and increase retention by (mostly) designing clean and professional websites. …
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5:05 pm
Generosity at Scale
Charity projects require big hearts—and big brains to create the tools and services that make donations easier and more effective. So it’s no surprise that the Cloud community has invented ways to empower itself towards good causes. …
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5:25 pm
WebPros enhancements for best in class WordPress hosting experience
We all know it – it’s about more than just traditional hosting. Come see how WebPros will enable you to reach new peaks – with two of our latest user experience-driven WordPress solutions coming soon to servers near you! …
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5:50 pm
WordPress Performance – Need For Speed
We live in an experience world. Experience combines many components, including speed/performance. With a growing population connected by 5G or ultrafast broadband, a slow website is as obvious as an 18 wheeler with a mile long tailback. …
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6:20 pm
The Automattic advantage: the secret to becoming the host with the most
Automattic, (the company behind, WP Cloud, Jetpack, WooCommerce, and more) offers world-class services to managed WordPress hosting companies all over the world. …
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6:40 pm
WordPress — NOW is the time to BUILD
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399 € excl. VAT
March 18 – 21, 2024

The Standard Pass is like general admission at a sports stadium or concert: you get the run of the venue, plus free lunch and coffee breaks; as well as free shuttle service from Offenburg.


  • Access to the entire CloudFest venue at Europa-Park and its hotels, March 18 – 21, 2024.
  • Invitation to all of the main parties networking events
  • Event bag with CloudFest documentation
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999 € excl. VAT
March 18 – 21, 2024

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  • All benefits from the Standard Pass
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  • Exclusive high-level networking events
  • Hotel VIP treatment and concierge service
  • Access to VIP Lounge
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