/wɛb proʊ/

noun (informal)

Short for Web Professional, i.e. someone who builds websites, installs custom software, and delivers a great web experience for their customers. One who makes it pop.
“We hired a Web-Pro for the site relaunch, and now we’re part of the 21st Century!”

How can I scale my creative business without sucking all the soul out of it?

What can the large-scale Cloud offer to help me serve my customers better?

How can I find my next customer... or my next 100 customers?

Web Professionals are converging upon Web-Pros in the Cloud at CloudFest 2020. Meet peers, potential partners, and industry influencers to learn how Cloud Service Providers and Web Professionals can forge a brighter future together.

CloudFest is the world’s largest gathering of decision-makers representing cloud infrastructure providers, web hosting providers, ISVs, and MSPs. In 2020, we’re inviting all WebPros out there—who help customers bring their businesses online every day—to join us at this one-of-a-kind festival.

Cloud infrastructure only matters if it helps people to make things happen. Web Professionals and eCommerce enablement organizations form a vital link in the cloud-services demand chain—and CloudFest is the best place to forge that link.

Who will I meet at CF?

Zsolt Revay G., Regida Solutions

Boutique solutions and quick projects

I am a freelance web developer with over 10 years of experience, working/managing custom WordPress based small to medium-sized web projects. My daily activities include backend and front end development, maintenance and performance optimizations.

I work closely with the end client and generally, I’m also part of the project planning team where the technical decisions are always on me. The first thing on the list of technical decisions is the evaluation of the project in terms of resource requirements and advise my clients what hosting provider / hosting package to purchase.

In my opinion “Web Pros in the Cloud” is a great addition to the Cloudfest event because as a web developer I can learn more about hosting options and tech but also share my experience with the hosting providers. Many times the interaction with the hosting providers is done via a ticket system and this results in a superficial human experience. So it is a great opportunity at Cloudfest to connect, socialize and learn from each other.

Marc Nilius, WP-Wartung24

DevOps and security

I have been working with websites for 22 years on projects large and small, including 15 years as an entrepreneur.

For more than five years I have focused my work on WordPress: I offer extensive technical support for WordPress websites, including ongoing maintenance with updates and backups.
My work includes security checks, repairing hacked websites, WordPress installations, and SSL facilitation. My clients use a wide variety of hosting providers—I advise them on selecting the best host to work with, including any necessary hosting changes and website relocations.

“Web Pros in the Cloud” makes CloudFest even more interesting for me, because I am addressed directly as a service provider for technical tasks in my area. Contact with the hosting and Cloud industry—as well as further training in this area—is essential for me so I can keep providing my customers with perfect advice.u-padding-horizontal-large

Maria Aragon, Acoco Web

Large and complex projects

I’ve been working on web projects for over 12 years, and building WordPress websites for SMBs since 2014. For most of my customers I serve as their digital project manager, helping them navigate the complexities in building an online identity, starting with selecting a hosting provider. I help them understand the features they need and why they need them, depending on the type of business and how they want to grow.

To best help my customers, I need to know the environment myself—I’m always learning the various changes in the technology that are constantly emerging. This is why I really like “Web Pros in the Cloud” being part of CloudFest: I can not only get a lot of information on the newest cloud services and companies, but also meet other professionals like me. We can share our experiences, learn from each other, and possibly even create new partnerships.

Sebastian Thomas, web://contact GmbH

Large and complex projects

I’ve worked as web developer with customers in a wide variety of industries since 2008.
I mostly focus on back-end development, but I also handle front-end and DevOps jobs like configuring build tasks with webpack or setting up an CI/CD-pipeline.

Depending on customer and project requirements, I implement solutions ranging from statically-generated sites to more complex sites with JAMstack.
I think a topic like Web Pros totally makes sense as part of CloudFest. We, as developers, depend on the Cloud and work on a daily basis with services from a lot of the exhibitors. This is a great opportunity to share thoughts and ideas about the services we love.

Stephan Luckow, CMS Garden

Be prepared for the unexpected when you meet Stephan Luckow. He refuses to adapt to conventions, yet he’s a man of knowledge and vision.

As an early adopter of “that nerdy internet thing” (yes, he is that old) and ever since watching its development, he came to the conclusion that Free and Open Source software is vital for technological progress as much as for a human-friendly society.

The culture of connecting and sharing is fundamental for all his undertakings. The founder and chairman of the CMS Garden Association strives to connect people and communities with common interests.

Stephan Luckow is the managing director of the Berlin-based Gesellschaft zur Entwicklung von Dingen (Company for the Development of Things), consulting for and implementing FOSS web applications.

Alain Schlesser, Bright Nucleus S.à r.l.-S.

I’m a freelance software engineer working on mid- to large-sized projects spanning various technologies. Over the course of my career, I’ve made use of countless platforms, programming languages and tools, and I’ve been specializing for the last five years in enterprise-grade WordPress development and consulting.

As a freelance developer, I’m currently collaborating with Google to bring fully automated AMP conversion to the WordPress platform, making the web faster and more secure and saving massive amounts of bandwidth and energy for hosting providers.

As a Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies, I constantly strive to learn about the latest and greatest in the web space and keep up-to-date with technology.

As the maintainer of WP-CLI, a tool that sits at the intersection of dev-ops and end-users, I’m in constant dialogue with hosters, developers and end-users and try to solve against their common requirements.

So, even though I’m not a hosting provider myself, Cloudfest seems like the place to be for me, and the addition of the “Web Pros in the Cloud” agenda acknowledges that fact. I can’t wait to meet fellow web pros at the conference and exchange ideas and best practices!

Dirk Spannaus, twentyZEN GmbH

digital marketing – with focus on pragmatic approaches and results

Having founded their own social media management startup, Dirk and his team learned the importance of digital marketing the hard way: There were simply never enough resources and time for productive marketing. Hence the marketing automation solution “Mautic” early caught  their attention.

Marketing automation is a continuously growing subject – and the open source solution Mautic is one of the reasons, why more and more companies start engaging with it. Open source democratised marketing automation: now also smaller companies are able to afford it. As participant in “Web Pros in the Cloud” Dirk seeks to introduce marketing automation with Mautic to CloudFest participants and support growing the community network.

With their knowledge in software development, process automation and online marketing, twentyZEN today is a digital agency with a strong technical and content focused background, based in Dresden and Munich, Germany.

CloudFest is not your typical industry conference

Open Source is important to us

  • Hackathon
  • Open-source sessions
  • Platform for associations and collectives

We know how to connect people

  • Speed Networking: find your new partner fast!
  • Unlike a CMS summit, we connect enthusiasts from all systems with our partners from CMS Garden, Joomla, Plesk, WordPress, and more.

Creativity is in our DNA

  • We take over a theme park for our festival
  • Other conferences bring rock-star marketers onstage, but we bring actual rock stars—we’ve also formed our own band

Nobody does a design degree to study sales funnels


of web designers say that their biggest challenge is finding new clients, making is the most commonly cited pain point of all.


of web designers say that the creative process remains their favourite thing about web design.

(Web Design Statistics 2019, Sitejet)

Take Your Dreams to Scale

Web Professionals and Cloud Service Providers are Stronger Together

Opportunity in Trust

The Cloud, by its very nature, is all about outsourcing. It’s easy to trust a web professional on implementation, while continuing to trust a channel partner on management and systems design. Between you and your channel partner, your customer knows that their most valuable work is in safe hands. When you earn your customer’s trust, you make them a partner as well.

Opportunity in Development Tools

When it comes to efficiency and feature creation, web professionals have the most developers—you’ll always outpace other industry players on feature richness, so it makes sense to leverage that in seeking your channel partners.

Opportunity in Profit

Partnerships between WebPros and large-scale channels allow both of you to win revenue from different parts of the demand and value chains that you could not access on your own.

What we've got cooking for you

The Creative Hub

@RockCafe open Tue-Thu from 9 am - 6 pm

Creative, relaxed, and inspiring atmosphere

Co-Working tables, lounge area, and informative sessions so you can work, share, and network all in the same place

Community driven content

Expert Tables, Master Classes, special guest speakers

Presentations and hands-on

demos of tools that can help you build great things for your customers

Agenda at a glance


March 14 - 16


5th Annual CloudFest Hackathon

Learn more about the Hackathon


March 17

Main Event

Creative Hub

  • Discover the latest and greatest open-source tools for the WebPro community
  • Meet and greet with partners for Happy Hour

CloudFest sessions

  • Learn about topics such as the Future of DIFM and Best Practices for CSP Partnerships in our WebPro Track on the main CloudFest stages in Panel and Keynotes


March 18

Main Event

Creative Hub

  • Meet with peers, network, or just get some work done
  • Meet and greet with partners before the evening’s main entertainment

CloudFest sessions

  • Learn about topics such as the Future of DIFM and Best Practices for CSP Partnerships in our WebPro Track on the main CloudFest stages in Panel and Keynotes


March 19

Main Event

Creative Hub

  • Your home away from home hosts another unconference, as well as dedicated get-it-done time: catch up on work, or learn something new
  • Last meet-and-greet with potential partners before the final party of CloudFest 2020

CloudFest sessions

  • Learn about topics such as the Future of DIFM and Best Practices for CSP Partnerships in our WebPro Track on the main CloudFest stages in Panel and Keynotes

WebPros in the Cloud track on our main stages

Cloud Service Providers specialize in lead generation, customer acquisition, and account management. WebPros are career website-builders who live and breathe the creative process. Both disciplines understand the same thing: a great website isn’t a product—it’s a service.

DIFM websites are the next logical step from DIY, especially for small businesses. Find the WebPros who can help you deliver a top-notch customer experience. CloudFest will shed light on the opportunities between CSP and Web Professionals in this special track that addresses WebPros, CSPs, and CSVs alike.