CloudFest has provided affordable tickets for its events since 2004, including many opportunities to attend for free. We’re proud to have built THE central convening event for the world’s cloud executives who come to learn, socialize, and do business. As we launch a digital environment that’s a worthy successor to our in-person events, we intend to remain the key gathering point for the cloud industry with CloudFest 2021, and we’re putting together a program that proves it. We value the entire community and don’t want to turn anybody away. However, we’re asking those who are able to pay to do so, helping us keep it free for those who can’t. The average cost of producing this caliber of event is 40€/attendee. If you get value from their CloudFest experience and have the means, you can choose the amount you want to pay. Either way, we can’t wait to see everyone in 2021!

Event Pass

Your Pass includes:

  • Access to Keynote, Breakout, and Workshop Tracks
  • Extended event hours, from Core Time to the new regional Territory Tracks
  • Access to virtual exhibition hall (incl. 1-to-1-communication with partners)
  • Networking (Networking Lounge, private chat, 1-on-1 video calls)
  • Access to all social events and parties


Since CloudFest 2021 is reaching the entire world at once, we’ve divided the agenda into Core Time and Territory Tracks. The Core Time focuses on globally-relevant trends and ideas, while the Territory Tracks drill down into relevant content for Cloud professionals in Asia, Europe, and the Americas in association with local partners. These tracks are where you can dive deep into topics that hit close to home. Each day will focus on one of our core themes of The Intelligent Cloud, Web Pros in the Cloud, and The Secure Cloud.


March 22

Pre Event

8 pmCome2Gather

March 23

The Intelligent Cloud

2 pm - 8 pmCORE TIME
8 pmLoud in the Cloud Music Festival

March 24

Web Pros in the Cloud

6 am - 8 amTerritory Track: Asia
10 am - 12 pmTerritory Track: Europe
2 pm - 8 pmCORE TIME
8 pmConnection Party
10 pm - 12 amTerritory Track: America

March 25

The Secure Cloud

6 am - 8 amTerritory Track: Asia
10 am - 12 pmTerritory Track: Europe
2 pm - 8 pmCORE TIME
8 pmCloud Unchained Party

* all times in UTC+2