Your world just got a whole lot easier with the launch of the new CloudFest Event App. Make essential contacts, expand your business, and manage your time efficiently using your smart device. Want to know the best part? We have developed our app using a QR-code based technology that allows you to generate new business leads with a simple scan of an attendee’s badge—a total CloudFest game-changer.


Opt into this feature and stay connected to all the latest updates taking place during CloudFest. This will be the first thing you will see each time you open the CloudFest app, so you don’t miss a thing.


Know exactly what’s happening, when it’s happening, and where it’s happening. Mornings and afternoons are packed with insights from the most impressive leaders of our industry—and the evenings are a networking paradise! Strategically plan your CloudFest days and nights using this feature.

Floor Plan

This section provides a map of the exhibition area, giving you a bird’s-eye view of the entire space. Switch over to the “List” feature and you will find an alphabetical listing of booth numbers for your existing and potential new business partners, helping you to effortlessly navigate the space.

Site Plan

Europa-Park is a big place, but this handy map helps you get around easily. With strategically-placed pins, you will find all the important points where you need to be without fail.

Badge Scan

This is our most important app feature. Based on QR code technology, you and your team can now scan attendee badges to track new business contacts. Add personalized notes to those contacts to better organize prospects, leads, and new partners. As a bonus, this feature lets you export your contacts into a file that can be easily emailed!

Direct Chats

There is a lot to be said for the power of conversation. Our direct chat function is a one-to-one feature ensuring private communication with potential new business partners in real-time.


Make deals now. This aspect of our app allows you to connect to important contacts before, during, and after CloudFest. Reach out via email or private chat and start making connections today!

Public Channels

Attendees will be able to opt into a number of ready-made chat groups within the CloudFest app universe. Whether you want to know who else is attending that next keynote presentation, or if you’re looking for a karaoke partner to share the stage for a special rendition of “Despacito”, this is the place to ask and get the answer.

App-Development Partner