As CloudFest 2021 is a fully digital event, there is no need to book a hotel in Rust. However, you are welcome to pitch a tent in your yard or living room for that home-away-from-home experience.

  1. Lay down a tarp over a flat spot of ground (hopefully your living room is flat?)
  2. Lay out the body of the tent.
  3. Assemble the poles, matching them to the grommets in the tent.
  4. Attach the body of the tent to the poles, one pole after the other.
  5. Throw the rain fly over the tent, attaching it to the poles and base.
  6. If outdoors, pound the tent stakes into the ground to keep your tent stable. If indoors, SKIP THIS STEP.


Europa-Park Rust has six on-site hotels dedicated to serving CloudFest attendees. All additional hotels are located in or around Rust and offer easy access to the park’s facilities. All rates include breakfast. VAT, however, is extra. Please note that hotel bookings are binding and that cancellations are not allowed.


The Europa-Park hotels are located in or directly adjacent to the park. All guest rooms can accommodate up to 2 guests only. Free internet access is available in all rooms as well as public areas.


The village of Rust is charming and has been home to Cloudfest for several years. The locals know our conference well and look forward to welcoming our guests. These smaller hotels are located around Europa-Park and are within a short walking distance to our event. All offer free internet access.


The hotels in the neighboring villages are as equally lovely. We are pleased to arrange regular shuttles to Europa-Park facilities from their location.