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CloudFest 2020 is the second in a three-year theme arc. We began with hyperscale enablement: go big or go home! Now we will explore how AI helps you maximize the potential that hypervisor partnership offers. The Intelligent Cloud allows AI to manage and distribute complex workloads, with smart tools that make interoperability and scale more cost-effective and efficient. It’s a tech paradigm that is coming up quickly, and CloudFest will help pave the way so you can be in the driver’s seat. CloudFest will explore how the cloud industry is preparing for the AI evolution in terms of technology, oversight, economics, and morality.

The Intelligent Cloud: An examination of AI in the Cloud ecosystem

The overall cloud market is $250b and growing at 32% annually. AI is still a relatively small part of this, comprising $202.5 million in 2015—but forecast to reach $11.1 billion by 2024. It’s important to remember that humans have been taking swings at AI for over 60 years, and other technological building blocks had to be arranged—each a milestone in its own right—in order to get us to where we are today, and where we’re poised to reach tomorrow. The amount of processing power and the speed of data throughput required for high-performance artificial intelligence place functional AI right in the Cloud’s wheelhouse.

Hyperscalers are positioned to be the creators of AI products; with AWS, IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud as the top four. Service providers can leverage their deep relationships with existing cloud-service clients to provide bespoke AI solutions across the business spectrum. The economic effect is then amplified out into the world by orders of magnitude as costs drop, productivity rises, and data is processed more effectively to surface game-changing insights. Getting ahead of the curve on AI constitutes a prime opportunity to deliver maximum change for your customers.

Theme Tracks

Web-Pros in the Cloud: Smart Creativity at Scale

A great website isn’t a product—it’s a service. A website needs continuous upkeep for it to remain compelling, relevant, and secure: that’s your job as a CSP or CSV, and you’ve built a successful business out of it. So as you win more clients, focusing on design excellence grows further out of reach.

Meanwhile, Web Professionals specialize in design and creativity, and do not want to dip their toes too deep into the waters of customer retention and growth analytics. Together you become a powerful force, but first you must meet each other. This year, CloudFest is making that happen by inviting top Web Professionals to the festival.

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The CloudFest Experience

Get hands-on as product experts help you master the latest tools and techniques. Walk in as a newbie, walk out with newfound confidence.
Conference Themes
This year’s theme is The Intelligent Cloud. With an eye on practical ideas and solutions, we’re exploring how AI shapes the cloud, and how the cloud shapes AI. We’re also promoting Web Pros in the Cloud, bringing creators of web experiences together with hosting and service providers to form win-win relationships. If you have a hand in your clients’ hosting decisions, you have to be here.
The who’s-who of the Cloud, all in one place. Let the world come to you as you discover the latest innovations. CloudFest has become the hotspot for product and service launches, so keep your eyes open.
Open-source experts from throughout the Cloud gather to solve real-world problems facing the industry. In just a few days, we go from identifying the problem to launching a usable solution.
Main Stages
Our keynote stages feature industry rock stars and actual rock stars. Innovators from within the industry as well as major creative voices from around the world will open your mind to a smarter tech future.
Night Events
When the sun goes down, we turn it up! Hard-rocking bands and major celebrity guests come together to deliver some amazing shows. CloudFest’s concert series could be their own event. We turn an amusement park—complete with luxury hotels—into our playground. Themed events, live DJs, and top-notch food and drink have made CloudFest parties legendary.
Side Events
From Morning Fitness to the Night Talk, with karaoke, Women in Tech, and the CXO Dinner in between, there’s always something going on. Keep your ear to the ground for late additions to the Side Event schedule.
Speed Networking
A fun, intimate, fast-paced opportunity to meet like-minded professionals. Quickly connect over a discussion theme and make some partnership magic.


Europa-Park | Rust | Germany

CloudFest is returning to the legendary Europa-Park, the exclusive resort that has hosted our global festival since 2012. Located in the heart of Europe where Germany, France, and Switzerland come together, Europa-Park hits all the right notes with its impressive facilities, impeccable service, and ease of accessibility—all with an extra “wow” factor on top. Completely different from your typical cookie-cutter conference venues, Europa-Park delivers a backdrop that is grand in scale yet intimate in feel, effortlessly communicating the essence of the CloudFest “work hard, play hard” culture.


General Overview

Welcome to CloudFest 2020—where the entire cloud ecosystem gathers to share knowledge, solve problems, and form new alliances. Here, our partners and attendees become as much a part of the program as the inspiring speakers who take to the stage. CloudFest embraces and celebrates the cloud industry, showcasing everything new and exciting in technology and internet innovation. Join us in a place where like-minded thinkers and visionaries collaborate to move beyond the hype and push the cloud industry forward.


Separate registration required Open to all attendees


March 14 - 15



All Day Hackathon
Registered hackers only


March 16

Partner Day


9 am Registration Opens
10 am Hackathon
Registered hackers only


7 pm CloudHouse


March 17

Main Event


8 am Registration Opens
9 am Cloud Fair Opens
9 am Welcome Speech Main Forum
6 pm Cloud Fair Closes


7 pm VIP Event
7 pm Loud in the Cloud Music Festival
10:15 pm Night Talk
11 pm Karaoke


March 18

Main Event


8 am Registration Opens
9 am Cloud Fair Opens
9 am Welcome Speech Main Forum
6 pm Cloud Fair Closes


7 pm CloudRock
11 pm Karaoke


March 19

Main Event


8 am Registration Opens
9 am Cloud Fair Opens
9 am Welcome Speech Main Forum
5 pm Cloud Fair Closes


7 pm CloudUnchained
11 pm Karaoke


CloudFest draws celebrities, newsmakers, influencers, and experts from around the world in the fields that matter to us – technology, government, media, and beyond. They come to communicate the kinds of important insights into advancing technology and the democratic web that makes CloudFest one of the best content-driven technology events of the year. Here is the line-up for 2020so far.

María Erla Marelsdóttir

María Erla Marelsdóttir

Ambassador Agréé of Iceland to Germany Marelsdottir is Iceland’s ambassador to Germany, the first woman to ever serve in that post. Marelsdottir has also represented Iceland across Europe, Africa and the Middle East in a 23-year foreign service career. Besides her native Icelandic, she also speaks English, Swedish, and German. Marelsdottir holds a Master’s Degree in European law, and is the mother of two.

Ritika Gunnar

VP, Data and AI Expert Labs and Learning


Ritika Gunnar

VP, Data and AI Expert Labs and Learning


Ritika Gunnar is the Vice President of Data and AI Expert Labs. In this role, she and her team of 'ninjas' work with clients on their transformation journey through a data & AI first methodology and help implement Data & AI solutions using deep knowledge-based skills to accelerate the adoption of data & AI enterprise capabilities. Prior to this role, Ritika was the Vice President of Offerings for IBM Watson. In this role, she has responsibility for all of Watson’s Data and AI portfolio where she is responsible for defining the portfolio strategy, execution of product offerings, and driving business results. Previous to this, as Vice President of IBM’s World-Wide Cloud and Cognitive GTM organization she drove IBM’s mission to apply deep cloud, data and AI expertise to our clients' most pressing needs Ritika has also been the Vice President of IBM’s Data and Analytics Business where she was responsible for setting the strategy and execution of IBM’s data platform, data science, and analytics practices. Prior to this, she led and managed IBM’s Master Data Management & Information Integration and Governance business and IBM’s Data Warehousing & Analytics business. Ritika joined IBM as a software engineer in 1999 and has held numerous development and support roles in her career. Ritika holds a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science and an Executive Masters in Business from the University of Texas at Austin. She currently resides in New York.

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More than 7,000 of your potential customers, peers, and technology leaders will attend CloudFest 2020 in Rust, Germany (March 14-19) for a full week of innovation, opportunity, and celebration. There will be hundreds of exhibits, as well as insightful keynotes by leading voices in technology, deep dives into the industry’s latest advancements, and an agenda full of exciting activities. This is the festival that goes all day and all night, and you won’t want to miss a thing!
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CF 2019: Video Recap

This is how it went down last year. Cloud companies from across the industry met with hyperscale providers to form new partnerships and share knowledge, so everyone can be more prepared for how the industry is changing. They also enjoyed some amazing parties and music! Hear from attendees, partners, and presenters why this is the must-attend Cloud industry event of the year

CloudFest 2019 Recap: We Worked Hard and Played Hard

»I’ve never been to a conference that combines so much hardcore serious learning and education sessions with the craziest, most amazing parties you have ever seen!«

Will Pemble, Founder of web.com and CEO of GoalBoss

»My experience with CloudFest is amazing, it’s one of the best conferences that I have been to!«

Hank Shocklee, Producer of Public Enemy

»As an exhibitor, CloudFest is providing a platform to connect with partners to be able to talk the services that OVH offers!«

Hiren Parekh, Senior Director of Cloud Services, EMEA at OVH