The CloudFest Hackathon is where ideas become products at super-speed. Developers from across the cloud industry team up to create innovative solutions to nagging tech problems. This is the power of the open-source community in action… and it all starts with you!

What's new in 2020?

Friendly competition: Prizes for most innovative, impactful, and sustainable projects

More socializing: events, gamification, and more

Wider range of projects: encouraging a more diverse mix of participants

Mentorship for new project leads

Goal-oriented projects

Flammkuchen is the new pizza!

Let’s Hack!

The 5th edition of the CloudFest Hackathon is in the works, and we look forward to welcoming developers from across the Cloud industry to EuropaPark in Rust to hack and have fun by solving some real-world problems.

We’re bringing in some new ideas, based on attendee suggestions from last year. These will mainly focus on creating friendly competition between projects, and more social interaction between our hackers.

After the phenomenal success of Hackathon projects in the past two years, we are once again putting the power entirely in the hands of the open-source community. This year, we’ll be looking for innovative, impactful and ecologically sustainable open-source projects.

Here’s how it went down last year

CloudFest 2019 Hackathon Underway
»As a first-time participant, I was happy to see so many projects represented at the Cloudfest Hackathon. It's always good to hear perspectives that are different from yours, but the people who were there really engaged in conversations to see other points of view. 10/10 would collaborate again!«
Josepha Haden, Organization Division Lead at Automattic & Executive Director at WordPress.org

Who should attend?

Now is the time to finally solve some of those problems that have been driving the industry crazy, but haven’t made it onto anyone’s individual roadmap. Team up, bring a solution to life, and release it into the wild! You’ll partner with other passionate hackers who are equally excited to bring ideas into the world (starting with GitHub, of course). Results of the Hackathon will also be showcased to the 7000+ attendees of CloudFest. Harness the power of open source and make some magic happen!

Attendee Profile

The event is mainly targeted at web developers with the following skills:

Knowledge in one or more programming languages of your choice, e.g. PHP, JavaScript, Bash, Go, Python

Basic understanding of the technical basics in the cloud/hosting industry (common services, network protocols, web services etc.)

Experience with Git as version control system

We are actively striving for a diverse and productive group of participants with different backgrounds, skills, and knowledge to bring about big and positive changes together in the open-source world.

“A diverse mix of voices leads to better discussions, decisions, and outcomes for everyone.” - S. Puchai

That’s why we also welcome applications from system & infrastructure engineers (DevOps), data scientists, sysadmins, designers, marketers and other specialists with interest in the cloud/hosting industry for our projects to have a good mix in the teams.

Diversity and Inclusion

One of the top priorities of the CloudFest Hackathon is to encourage diversity in tech and to create a welcoming and safe atmosphere for everybody.

“Inclusion is not a matter of political correctness. It is the key to growth.” - J. Jackson

We expect our attendees to be considerate, respectful, and collaborative towards each other and to refrain from demeaning, discriminatory, or harassing behavior and speech.

We also want to ensure we can meet the needs of our attendees when it comes to dietary requirements and accessibility in general. That’s why we will include related questions in our registration form this year.

Feel free to reach out to us for questions and suggestions regarding these important topics: hackathon@cloudfest.com

Come Hack with Us: Inquire now for your free spot

CloudFest Hackathon takes place the weekend before the main conference at the Santa Isabel Hotel at EuropaPark in Rust, Germany. From Saturday through Monday afternoon we invite all developers to support the open-source community with their time and knowledge while we cover all costs (two nights in a four-star hotel with full catering—including drinks— as well as train travel within Germany).

The presentation of results will take place during CloudFest. A ticket for CloudFest is included in the Hackathon, but accommodations after Monday will be up to you.


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»Working together with amazing people from all over the world on projects that actually have international impact in an unrivaled surrounding... priceless! I enjoyed that from the very first moment and hope to see many more CloudFest Hackathons!«
Andreas Heigl, Senior Software Developer, Open-Source Contributor, PHP Usergroup-Organizer



March 14

to be announced


March 15

to be announced


March 16

to be announced



March 14

12 pm Check In
Participants arrive and check-in their hotel rooms
1:30 pm Lunch
Casual get together
3 pm Welcome
A warm welcome to all participants and an introduction of the rules and objectives of the event.
3:15 pm Introductions
The participants introduce themselves to each other.
3:45 pm Project Presentation
The Community Projects get introduced.
4:30 pm Coffee Break
5 pm Development Selection
Teams choose the project that they are interested in solving and get immediately to work.
7 pm Dinner Served
Food and Beer in the workshop room to keep the teams working if they choose to.


March 15

9 am Welcome
Welcome and recap of Day 1
9:15 am Development Time
1 pm Lunch Served
Teams allowed to work through lunch if they choose.
2 pm Development Time
7 pm Dinner Served
Food and Beer in the workshop room to keep the teams working if they choose to.


March 16

9 am Welcome
Welcome and recap of Day 2
9:15 am Development Time
1 pm Lunch Served
Teams allowed to work through lunch if they choose.
2 pm Closing
The teams submit their finished projects to the panel of experts for review

We Kick Open Source Projects into High-Gear

The 2019 Hackathon saw a global gathering of developers working together on seven different and exciting projects with the goal of solving real-world problems. With each one of them, we were able to get more done than we thought possible, and gave back to the community at the same time.

Check out the results in 2019

CloudFest 2019: Solutions - Hackathon 2019 Project Presentation

Projects for 2020

We are once again looking out for projects from all over the open-source communities. They will all be not-for-profit, interoperable, and—of course—open-source. Ideally, they are related to the hosting industry, hackable and beneficial for different actors of the industry present during CloudFest.

This year, we’ll be specifically targeting innovative, impactful, and ecologically sustainable open-source projects. To encourage friendly competition between the projects, there will be a jury to determine a winner in each of these three categories.

In addition, we want to actively help to make the projects more goal-oriented. What would be the expected outcome or vision for each project after three days? We are very happy to provide you with an experienced hacker as your mentor:

David Jardin

"The Cloudfest Hackathon is the single place where the webhosting industry and open source communities meet. With my contribution as a mentor for project leads, I want to contribute to make this event an even bigger success!"

Feel free to reach out to us for preliminary feedback, consulting or mentorship, if you have a project idea or concrete project that can benefit from the skills of a dev team at CloudFest Hackathon and also fits the open-source ethos: hackathon@cloudfest.com

We can’t wait to learn more about your brilliant ideas. Here you can register your project pitch directly, so what are you waiting for? Our project mentor will reach out to you so that you can put the finishing touches to your project idea together.

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»The Cloudfest Hackathon was an awesome opportunity to discuss and code with passionate people on new and interesting projects outside of the daily routine of my usual work. The organizers did an outstanding job in providing just the right environment to foster the type of creative collaboration that makes such events so fun!«
Alain Schlesser, Software Engineer & WordPress Consultant

Become a Partner

The CloudFest Hackathon sponsorship is based on a fixed-fee batch model and not project-related, thus eliminating the commercial characteristics of the event, thus driving increased participation in this important series of projects.

For every €1,500 package purchased, you can send one of your own developers and support a community developer OR choose to directly support two community developers.
Also, you will have one seat in our CloudFest Hackathon jury to determine a winner in each of the three following categories:

#1 Category

Most innovative project

#2 Category

Most impactful project

#3 Category

Most ecologically sustainable project

  • Support of the open-source community, who stand as an important component to the development of our industry
  • The connecting of development teams to tech experts of the industry
  • An incentive for your employees in the R&D department
  • Attract potential new employees for your company
  • Word-of-mouth marketing via high-profile industry influencers
  • Impactful branding; enhanced corporate image

Marketing Packages

Package #1

Mentioned in all Hackathon related marketing activities*
Bring 1 developer
Unlimited standard tickets

1,500 €

Package #2

Mentioned in all Hackathon related marketing activities*
Bring 3 developer
Half-page program advertisement
Unlimited standard tickets

4,500 €

Package #3

Mentioned in all Hackathon related marketing activities*
Bring 5 developer
1 individual roll-up banner
Half-page program advertisement
Unlimited standard tickets
1 VIP ticket code

7,000 €

*Website, Onsite Branding, Newsletter, etc.

»Throughout my contributions to the open-source WordPress project, I’ve been really happy to experience a diverse and inclusive environment. This respectful approach is still rather unusual in developer circles, and as a female developer I felt very comfortable at the CloudFest Hackathon. The organizers provided a very welcoming atmosphere, and I never felt like I had to worry about anything.«
Birgit Olzem, Coach & Consultant at WordPress Professional

Partners 2019

Retrospect 2019

Meet the Operation Team

Carole Olinger

Project Lead


Alina Sauer

Event Manager


Phone: +49 2203 9934–5904

Meet the Sales Team

Johannes Gottschlich

Head of Sales


Phone: +49 2203 9934-5910

Alexey Gaverdovskiy

Sales and Business Development


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Junior Sales Manager


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