6th Edition


March 18-20, 2023 | Europa-Park, Germany

In five editions, the CloudFest Hackathon has been turning ideas into reality and setting real open-source milestones for existing projects – at lightning speed! Web professionals from across the cloud industry team up to create innovative solutions to nagging tech problems in OSS. Experience the power of the open-source community in action – because it all starts with YOU!

At a Glance

What’s New for 2023?

Increased Efforts for More Diversity
Early Arrival Possible at a Reduced price
Two Project Mentors
More Attendees
New Application Process
New Social Activities in the Pipeline
Subsequent WordPress Day on Monday
Three Nights in a 4* Europa-Park Hotel

Meet The Winners!

#CFHack2023 Champion Award :
Eco-mode – reduce outgoing network traffic of your WordPress server

sponsored by Extendify

Let’s Hack!

Inspired by the great success of 2022, we are planning the 6th edition of CloudFest Hackathon based on what worked best for you. We couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome developers and other web professionals from across the cloud industry to Europa-Park in Rust to hack and have fun by solving some real-world problems.

Again, we’ll be focussing on creating friendly competition between projects, social interaction and promising networking opportunities for our hackers.

Here’s how it went down during the last edition

Hackathon Agenda


March 18


10:00 am
Arrival at the Venue
»La Scala« at the Colosseo hotel is ready to welcome you!
10:30 am
Official Welcome and Kick-Off
A warm welcome! Introduction to hackathon objectives and rules
10:45 am
Project Presentation
Introduction of the projects—choose which one you want to tackle
11:15 am
Time To Hack!
Meet your team members & project lead(s) and get your project started
1:00 pm
Lunch (and Hotel Check-In)
You gotta feed the machine, but you can work through lunch if you prefer
(If you have not checked in yet, this would be a good moment)
2:00 pm
Time To Hack!
Continue the exciting hackathon project collaboration with your team
6:00 pm
Food and drinks in the Workshop Room—teams can keep working 
7:00 pm
Splash! powered by Codeable & Cloudways
Explore Europa-Park’s water world Rulantica and meet your friends from Codeable & Cloudways in the adjacent Panorama Bar.
The number of tickets for the water park is limited to 50 and registration via Mattermost is required.


March 19


9:00 am
Welcome to Day 2! and #Help
Are the teams all set? Are there adjustments to be made?
Is there help/support needed from our project mentors or other teams?
9:10 am
Time To Hack!
Continue working on your awesome weekend project with your team
1:00 pm
You gotta feed the machine—but you can work through lunch if you prefer
2:00 pm
Time To Hack!
Continue the exciting hackathon project collaboration with your team
7:00 pm
Food and drinks in the workshop room—teams can keep working
8:00 pm
Social Event 🎉
Mario Kart tournament, board games & networking.


March 20


9:00 am
Welcome to Day 3!
9:10 am
Time To Hack!
There’s still time to take your project to the next level
11:10 am
Submission Of Project Results
Project leads submit their slides for review to the jury in accordance with the event’s guidelines for slides and presentation.
11:15 am
Presentation of Results
Each team will designate a team member to present the team’s accomplishments achieved during the event.
12:15 pm
Jury Consultation
12:30 pm
Awards and Official Closing Remarks
Announcement of the winners in different categories and closing remarks
1:00 pm
Lunch at the Colosseo Restaurant
We will have one last delicious meal together in a designated area of the Colosseo restaurant.
3:00 pm
WordPress Day
7:00 pm
Come2Gather in the Streets
Rock into the night… under the stars! For the first time ever, we’re taking this party into the streets of Europa-Park 🎉

We Kick Open-Source Projects into High-Gear!

Projects for 2023

The 2022 Hackathon saw a global gathering of web professionals working together on eight different and exciting projects. Again, projects for 2023 will all be not-for-profit, interoperable, and – of course – open-source. Ideally, they are related to the hosting industry, hackable and beneficial for different actors of the industry present during CloudFest. To encourage friendly competition between the projects, there will be a jury to determine a winner in different categories.

👇 The Projects For #CFHack2023 Are Out! 👇

Goal-Oriented Projects

What outcome is expected for individual projects after three days?

This year, two experienced hackers are assisting our project leads with developing their vision & goals for the hackathon:

Alain Schlesser

Freelancer /
Software Engineer at XWP
Maintainer WP-CLI &
WordPress Core Contributor

Lucas Radke

Freelancer / Product Manager at Automattic – WordPress VIP
Hosting Team Rep in the
WordPress Community

Their help is tremendously valuable in putting the finishing touches on project ideas. 🤝

Would you like to find out more about the projects we’ve been working on during the 2022 edition?
👉 Check out our CloudFest Hackathon 2022 page for more info!

Meet our Hackathon Partners

Who Should Attend?

Team up, bring an idea into life, set new milestones to existing projects and release your Hackathon results into the wild!
You will be working with other passionate hackers who are equally excited to make a positive contribution in the #OSS world (starting with GitHub, of course).

Results of the Hackathon will also be showcased to the 7,000+ attendees of CloudFest. Harness the power of open source and make some magic happen!

Attendee Profile

The event is mainly targeted, but not exclusively limited, at Web Developers, Software Engineers, Sys-Admins, Frontend & UX-Designers with the following skills

  • Knowledge in one or more programming languages of your choice, e.g. PHP, JavaScript, Bash, Go, Python
  • Basic understanding of the technical basics in the cloud/hosting industry (common services, network protocols, web services etc.)
  • Experience with Git as version control system
  • Anybody interested in helping to make the web a better place!

We are actively striving for a diverse and productive group of participants with different backgrounds, skills, and knowledge to bring about big and positive changes together in the open-source world.

That’s why we also welcome applications from system & infrastructure engineers (DevOps), data scientists, sysadmins, designers, marketers and other web professionals with interest in the Cloud & Hosting industry for our projects.

Diversity and Inclusion

One of the top priorities of the CloudFest Hackathon is to encourage diversity and create a welcoming and safe atmosphere for all. In 2023, we want to further increase our efforts in this regard. This is why we will team up with experts and representatives of underrepresented groups in tech.

We also want to ensure we can meet the needs of our attendees when it comes to dietary requirements and accessibility, in general. That’s why we include related questions in our application process at a later stage.

We expect all our attendees to be considerate, respectful, and collaborative towards each other and to refrain from demeaning, discriminatory, or harassing behavior and speech.

Feel free to reach out to us for questions and suggestions:

Come Hack with Us!

CloudFest Hackathon takes place the weekend before the main conference at the Colosseo Hotel at Europa-Park Rust in Germany.
From Saturday through Monday afternoon we invite all attendees to support the open-source community with their time and knowledge while we cover all costs:

Three nights in a four-star Europa-Park Hotel (March 18-21) – including full catering & drinks!

The presentation of results will take place during the main event on a CloudFest stage!
You’ll get a free ticket for CloudFest once your application gets selected to attend the CloudFest Hackathon – accommodation after Tuesday will be up to you.

Apply NOW for Your Free Spot

We expect a record number of interested hackers and want to ensure we select a dedicated and diverse group of participants who will take open-source projects to the next level – in the best interest of the participating communities.

For this reason, we have adapted our application process:
Use the form below to apply for an open slot at the event. This is NOT a registration.
We’ll notify you by email if your application is approved, and give you a link to register for CloudFest using a special code. Within moments, you’ll be confirmed for both the 2023 Hackathon and the main festival! 🎉

If you have questions about participating in the CloudFest Hackathon, check out our Hackathon FAQ.

Applications are closed as of January 13, 2023!
If you have a particular interest in participating in a specific project, please reach out to: hackathon@cloudfest.com

Work in the Cloud, But Not a Hacker?

If you don’t want to take part in the Hackathon but do want to attend the main CloudFest event, we invite you to register.

Become a Hackathon Partner!

Friendly Competition at
CloudFest Hackathon 2023

After the great feedback from last year, we want to encourage friendly competition at CloudFest Hackathon again, this year!


Visionary Catalyst

sponsored by Automattic

For the team that presents the most innovative and visionary project for catalyzing change and creating a more sustainable and open web, and inspires others to join in their vision for a better tomorrow.

Dream Team

sponsored by Codeable

For the team that demonstrates exceptional teamwork, collaboration, and communication throughout the hackathon.

Future Of The Web

sponsored by WebPros

For the team whose project shows the most promise for shaping the future of the web and making a positive impact on the web and society in the long term.

Social Media Master

sponsored by Team “Wapuugotchi

For the team that creates the most buzz on social media during the hackathon.

Pitch Perfect

sponsored by stella.maris-solutions

For the team that delivers the most compelling and engaging project presentation for all.

#CFHack Champion Award (Overall Winner)

sponsored by Extendify

For the team that hacks their way to the top, emerging as the ultimate #CFHack Champion at the CloudFest Hackathon 2023.

become a partner hackathon 1


Lucas Radke (Project mentor & President of the jury)

Alain Schlesser (Project mentor)

Carole Olinger (Head of CloudFest Hackathon)

Sabrina Waltz (Partner, Ionos)

Mike Demo (Partner, Codeable)

Matthieu Tirelli (Volunteer & OS contributor)

Simon Kraft (Volunteer & OS contributor)

Anne-Mieke Bovelett (OS contributor & Accessibility advocate)

<> Hack For A Purpose! </>

Rather than focusing solely on recognition, we were actively seeking ways to contribute to a worthy cause in collaboration with our dear partners and supporters.

As such, we are proud to announce that we will be joining CloudFest in supporting the Groundbreaker Talents initiative to fund scholarships for vocational training centers in Uganda that specialize in development and IT education.

This year, we aim to have a lasting impact beyond the hackathon and to support future developers in Uganda in creating a sustainable livelihood for themselves and their local economy, while also contributing to a better open web. Join us!

We are still accepting sponsorships for the open award categories.
(A minimum donation of 500€ is required)

Support us now! Contact: carole@cloudfest.com

CloudFest 2023 Tickets

Standard Pass

399 € excl. VAT
March 21 – 23, 2023

The Standard Pass is like general admission at a sports stadium or concert: you get the run of the venue, plus free lunch and coffee breaks; as well as free shuttle service from Offenburg.


  • Access to the entire CloudFest venue at Europa-Park and its hotels, March 21 – 23, 2023.
  • Invitation to all of the main parties networking events
  • Event bag with CloudFest documentation
  • Participation in Keynote, Breakout, and Masterclass tracks, and Exhibition Hall
  • Catering, including lunch and coffee breaks
  • Free shuttle from Offenburg to Rust and back

VIP Pass

999 € excl. VAT
March 21 – 23, 2023

The VIP Pass is like box seats at a sports stadium or convert: you get everything included in the Standard Pass, plus VIP-only perks like free shuttle service around Europa-Park in high-end cars.


  • All benefits from the Standard Pass
  • Chauffeured luxury car service between venues and EP hotels
  • Exclusive high-level networking events
  • Hotel VIP treatment and concierge service
  • Access to VIP Lounge
  • Special lunch restaurant with gourmet catering


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