You Have to Be at CloudFest if You Work in the Cloud

CloudFest is for the people who shape the future of the internet.

Industry leaders make big moves at CloudFest. Whether you’re a global hyperscale platform or an emerging service provider, your path to greater success starts at this event. As an attendee or partner, CloudFest is where you build your brand, form strategic partnerships, and set yourself on the path for greater growth in a one-of-a-kind environment.

Form new partnerships to reach your business goals
Be the first to see new technologies as soon as they’re revealed
Connect with the cloud industry and Austin’s startup community
Experience the best networking events in the industry

On-Site pricing starts at $999!

CloudFest with a North American Twist

CloudFest didn’t just earn its reputation as the world’s #1 cloud computing event because of its parties*: we help internet infrastructure companies to grow in the right ways. While our flagship event takes over a German amusement park, a large audience of hosting and cloud service providers are based in North America. While many are familiar with CloudFest, not everyone has been able to make the trip to Germany… so we’re bringing CloudFest to you. Because CloudFest gathers the best and brightest minds in technology, it only makes sense to run CloudFest USA in Austin, Texas—America’s hotbed of innovation. 

But there’s another reason we’ve picked Austin…

The WHD Event team also runs NamesCon Global, the world’s largest domain name industry event, and this year we’re building a bridge between two worlds that share a lot of common ground: the world of internet infrastructure and cloud service providers, and the world of registrars, registries, brokers, and domain name investors that make up the domaining community. Since many of the internet’s service providers also hold large domain name portfolios—or have end-customers launching their own companies and brands—this is the perfect opportunity to unlock a powerful new business vertical for you.
(* And our parties really are the best in the industry—you’ll see!)

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Reinforce Your Role as an Innovator in the Global Market 

One of CloudFest’s most exceptional features is our ability to put you in front of the Who’s Who of the industry. Getting to across the table from old, new, and potential customers can often prove next to impossible. CloudFest breaks down those barriers by giving you an environment founded on connecting with your target audience: re-establish old relationships and ignite new ones here! With events and activities attended by some of the Cloud’s key influencers and purchasers, CloudFest USA offers your company many opportunities to make new connections and forge strategic alliances.

Thanks to our compelling presentations and workshops, as well as a trade show floor featuring the latest products and solutions, you’ll get a better understanding of the market and its overall dynamics at CloudFest USA.

Stay intimately connected to the market by seeing first-hand what new products and services are available—and better understand the revenue streams that new channel partners can potentially fill. This is the perfect venue to debut a new product or service in front of an engaged crowd of professionals hungry for insights into your company and its offerings.

Progressive brands understand the doors open to them by working with hyperscalers in this new, converged space—and our large-scale festival is your access point to the full range of the companies who are eager to explore these opportunities.

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