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While it is clear that service providers should focus their attention on how to make WordPress work best for them, there are many factors that go into the operation of taking a WordPress environment to scale.

To most effectively scale your WordPress environment, you’ll need to address these key areas of focus:


How will you optimize your WordPress environment, and can you take it to the edge?


How will you make it easy enough to use to compete against the site builders who are making a grab for greater market share?


We’re all striving toward a carbon-neutral Cloud. What is the energy consumption of WordPress, and how can we make it sustainable?


How do we keep WordPress patched, safe, and updated at scale?


What happens when something goes wrong, and who takes responsibility?

From a technology perspective, WordPress makes up over 43% of the web, and that number is growing. WordPress is five times the size of its nearest CMS competitor. 

This all tells us that no matter what your role in the internet’s infrastructure, you’ll likely need to learn how to work more effectively with WordPress—and learning to do it efficiently and at scale will pay off.

At CloudFest USA in 2023, business leaders from around the world will chart the best path forward through insights and partnerships. We’ll walk through how to take WordPress to Scale together, exploring it through the lenses of technology, society, politics, and art.

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