Product and Transaction Description Standard for E-Commerce

Product and Transaction Description Standard for E-Commerce

E-Commerce as an Infrastructure for Everyone

Project Description

As a market leader, Amazon is dominating the e-commerce market—this makes e-commerce expensive for buyers but especially for traders.

Successful open-source projects or non-commercial platforms are hard to find: this is where Noama starts. We are building e-commerce as an open infrastructure based on a decentralized blockchain. The idea is to involve different e-shop providers, as well as ERP and stock management software manufacturers, to standardize the exchange formats between traders’ local systems.

Hackathon Goals

Create the description of products and transactions as RFC document. This document should consist of the technical exchange interface and the attributes for products and services, as well as transactions of the same.

Aspects are product attributes like description, language, currency, VAT, delivery options, return policy, stock amount, product/service category tree, and more.

Target audience

Everyone with an interest in fair e-commerce and decentralized structures and companies like web shop and ERP system providers. Architects and developers with experience in defining standard exchange formats and state-of-the-art interface implementations.

Project Lead

Ben Hübner is a managing partner at Kabema Group Berlin. His daily business is bringing companies from paper to digital. Together with his colleagues Benedikt Pauwels, Franziskus Kiefer, Marco Malz, Olaf Kühle, and Rotger Wesener, he developed the idea for an alternative way to do e-commerce more charitably. He lives in the Black Forest with his family while visiting customers all over the country during the week.

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