Open Free ID4me provider

Open Free ID4me Provider

Build a website where everyone can create their own ID4me Identity.

Project Description

ID4me returns control over digital identities to the hands of users. It is the ultimate independent SSO solution the Hosting and Cloud industry needs to turn separated ecosystems into a seamless experience across the board.

In the very successful ID4me Plugin Fiesta project at CloudFest Hackathon 2019, the team created numerous integrations of the ID4me protocol on the Relying Party side, with WordPress and Joomla paving the way. But what’s the point of having one side of the protocol very well supported in a FOSS way, when we are still missing an open and free ID provider? We need to close that gap!

The community needs a service where it’s fast and easy to get one’s own identifier working with the ID4me standard. Remember the early days of free email services? We need the same for Digital Identity to foster its growth and adoption.

Visit to find resources and documentation about the standard.
We are looking forward to seeing you and helping to create the “Open Internet” alternative for single sign-on!

Hackathon Goals

The goal of the project is to build, with the help of existing open source components, a service and a website where anyone can create their own ID4me Identifier.

We aim to choose one of FOSS AIM systems, install it, and configure it to be compatible with the ID4me protocol. In some cases, it may mean the development of smaller components or services to add needed functionality.

On top of the AIM, we want to build a website where end-users would be able to search for their own identifier, create and secure an account, fill in or change the personal data, and view activity or manage connected websites. Here we may choose to use any framework or FOSS CMS the team feels comfortable with.

Target audience

The project requires a set of skills that would enable us to build both the back-end and the front-end system. So anyone with skills in setting up a modern IAM based on FOSS (Keycloak, Gluu etc.), skilled in building a website, and good at designing UX should be interested in joining the project.

There is no predefined programming language or framework we plan to use, all will be decided by the project team

The results will be published open-source together with documentation in order to enable other people to set up a similar working system on their own.

Project Lead

Pawel Kowalik, Head of ID4me Community Competence Group and member of Technical Competence Group at ID4me Foundation. Pawel is working for IONOS in Domains and DNS space, supporting and creating standards for a better Internet experience of tomorrow. In recent years mostly involved in the development of Domain Connect and ID4me protocols.

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