WEDNESDAY, September 16 AT 4 PM CET

Welcome to CloudFest Parkside

CloudFest Parkside is coming at you live from Europa-Park’s iconic Bar Colosseo. On September 16, we’ll gather together for the best of virtual and physical events in one action-packed afternoon. We’re back at Europa-Park a lot sooner than we thought, and we’re pushing the limits on how the Cloud community can come together—so come join us parkside!

Europa-Park Awaits You

Your Host: Claudia van Veen


CloudFest Parkside is based at Bar Colosseo, an iconic CloudFest gathering point where we’ve all formed some wonderful—and sometimes fuzzy—memories. Hosts, special guests, and a live band will broadcast and interact from this location, with more speakers and guests presenting from around the world—as you join in and network through our customized streaming platform. You can use your computer, mobile device, or both—as long as you can make it loud!

This all-day event will focus on two core themes that are already shaping the development of the Cloud: Cloud Gaming and Industry 4.0 (the Edge).



4:00 - 4:05 pm

Welcoming speech

Soeren von Varchmin


Soeren von Varchmin



Soeren von Varchmin is the CEO of CloudFest with a robust career in and an in-depth knowledge of the global cloud, hosting, internet infrastructure and domaining space.

It’s been a season of change for the whole world, but the Cloud never sits still. Welcome to CloudFest’s first-ever hybrid event. We’re glad you’re here, because these topics can’t wait.

4:10 - 4:15 pm

Introduction Platform / tool

This is how to experience the Colosseo Bar from hundreds—or thousands—of miles away! Whether you’re networking, taking part in a session, or rocking out to live music, find out how to make the most of the hybrid experience.

4:20 – 4:40 pm

``Cloud Gaming on 5G`` - Intel Keynote

Gaming is a popular use case in wireless telecommunications. The 5G network provides more throughput and a better quality of service that gaming can take advantage of. Cloud gaming can exploit the network edge. Join us to learn how 5G and cloud technologies can come together to provide gaming services.

4:45 - 5:00 pm


Roberto Omezzolli


Roberto Omezzolli



Since the foundation of Ociris GmbH, CEO Roberto Omezzolli has been shaping the company technologically, from the right selection of suppliers and data centers to the development and project planning of technical areas around its core game-server product—G-Portal focuses mostly on end customers and persistent game servers such as Minecraft. Roberto specializes in worldwide low-latency networks infrastructure construction, and security—he developed Ociris’ own DDoS appliance, which almost completely mitigates attacks and their impact against game servers.

Anyone familiar with online gaming has probably heard of Minecraft. The success of this game is mainly driven by individualization through private game servers—and in this field, G-Portal is one of the leading hosts in the world. Today, G-Portal runs 100,000 private game servers, connecting more than 10 million players each month across over 40 countries. Partnering with giants like Intel and Dell, G-Portal also provides private game servers for Xbox and PlayStation games. Join G-Portal CEO Roberto Omezzolli in a fireside chat to find out what’s under the hood of this cloud powerhouse, what’s coming next, and what the rest of the Cloud can learn from gaming.

5:05 - 5:20 pm

The Roller Coaster of Tomorrow: VR and Gaming Chat with Europa-Park

Michael Mack


Michael Mack




Besides running Europa-Park, Michael Mack has been developing virtual-reality roller coasters since 2013: he’s an expert at digitizing theme-park experiences. He’ll chat with us about Europa-Park’s gaming strategy, the Coastiality VR roller coaster experience, and how to bring big theme-park experiences into the home.

5:25 - 5:40 pm

Acronis / Minecraft


Zoom? Whatever! The Acronis Global Marketing team chose Minecraft as the environment for their team building event. As architects in this virtual world, all participants were divided into small teams to compete in completing a very special challenge: building a virtual Acronis Cyber Foundation school, just like the ones they build in real life. Find out what they unlocked by meeting and working together in a virtual 3D environment

5:45 - 6:00 pm

Let’s Network!

You’re at a bar… and not just any bar. This is the Colosseo Bar! So go talk to people!


6:00 - 6:05 pm

Welcome back!

Welcome back… now let’s take it to the Edge! The Fourth Industrial Revolution is driven by smart devices talking to one another, sharing and crunching data wherever they are. Edge computing makes this possible—and how the Edge develops will shape the course of this new phase in interconnected human history. Start determining your role today.

6:10 - 6:30 pm

Decentralization and the Move out to the Edge

Philbert Shih

Founder and Managing DirectorStructure Research

Philbert Shih

Founder and Managing Director

Structure Research

Philbert Shih has covered the infrastructure services space for 20 years. He is the founder and managing director of Structure Research, an independent research and consulting firm devoted to the cloud and data centre infrastructure services markets with a specialization in the hyperscale value chain. Prior to that, Mr. Shih helped launch Tier1’s coverage of hosting in international markets; and, as Senior Analyst for Managed Hosting, was the lead and contributing author to all of the company’s quarterly and bi-annual hosting infrastructure sector reports. Mr. Shih is a regular speaker at industry events and has been quoted in various publications such as Data Economy, The South China Morning Post, The Deal, The Globe and Mail, IT World Canada, Computerworld, InfoWorld, Bizjournals, Data Center Knowledge, Light Reading, eWeek and Forbes.

Infrastructure and cloud have been highly centralized. But the next generation of applications is going to require infrastructure at the edge to meet the higher performance requirements. What will the edge look like and how can service providers be a part of the value chain?

6:35 - 6:50 pm

Intel-Keynote about Industry 4.0, Edge

Intel Speaker

Containerization is the next step in the virtualization journey. The 5G network supports the deployment of software at the core as well as the edge of the network. The 5G edge supports the rapid deployment of software to support services. Join us to learn how containers can help the 5G edge.

6:55 - 7:10 pm

Keynote about

The Internet of Things will be a $500 billion market by next year, with CSPs at the forefront. Over 43 billion IoT devices are projected to be online by 2023—more than five for every person on Earth. So how do you find the device you’re looking for?

7:15 - 7:30 pm

Let’s Network!


CloudFest Parkside is a hybrid event: a virtual conference with in-person elements combined for a seamless experience. This fast-paced day of programming will keep you engaged each step of the way. This is no Zoom meeting, that’s for sure!

Stage and Sessions

  • Live expert sessions and panels
  • Workshops
  • Expert Q&A and roundtables
  • Based at an iconic CloudFest locale

Network and Interactivity

  • 1-on-1 video chats
  • Speed Networking
  • Intuitive matchmaking
  • Event chat and polls

Virtual Exhibition and Sponsorship

  • Virtual private meeting areas
  • Live chat with partner companies
  • Latest product updates
  • Business and partnership opportunities


This time it’s easy to grab a spot at the Colosseo. Grab your ticket today—we’re keeping this one small, so don’t get left out!