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During the period of peak upheaval, CloudFest quickly gathered some of the best decision-makers in the cloud industry to share their hot takes, cool-headed strategies, and lessons learned from the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Reality Check with Patrick Pulvermueller Matt Russell, and Stephan Wolfram at CloudUnchained

As the pandemic took us all into uncharted territory, CloudUnchained assembled leading experts to look at the market itself, beyond the short-term into uncharted waters. These three experts weigh in on what’s coming with the CloudFest community.

Patrick Pulvermueller, President of Partners Business at GoDaddy
Matt Russell, Chief Cloud Officer at NameCheap
Stephan Wolfram, CEO of Group

Reality Check with Andy Metges, Dror Shaked, and Dr. Christian Boeing at CloudUnchained

With each edition of CloudUnchained, the CloudFest community learned more and more about the new world we find ourselves in. We can then refine our ability to predict what’s coming, as well as our strategies to take control of the change that’s happening. This is your Reality Check!

Andy Mentges, CRO of Hostpapa
Dror Shaked, Senior VP Business Development at
Dr. Christian Boeing, former CEO of Strato AG and CMO of 1&1 IONOS

Reality Check with Daniel Hagemeier and Higor Franco at CloudUnchained

With each edition of CloudUnchained, we learn more and more about the new world we find ourselves in. As spring 2020 turned towards summer, we were refining our ability to predict what’s coming, as well as our strategies to take control of the change that’s happening. Our Reality Check panel series dropped up-to-the-minute insights for the CloudFest community.

Daniel Hagemeier, CEO of dogado
Higor Franco, General Manager of Locaweb


Business is full of sports metaphors, so we went to the source: world-class athletes whose experiences and insights will help you take it across the finish line, through the goal posts, or around the world.

Skills for the World Stage: Per Mertesacker at CloudUnchained

World Cup champion and Arsenal superstar Per Mertesacker sat down with Ronan McCurtin to talk top-level football, training the next generation of champions, and how athletes deal with a pandemic in this Acronis Cyberfit featured interview. CloudUnchained goes past sports metaphors and into actual sport!

Per Mertesacker, Arsenal FC

Inter Milan Star Christian Chivu at CloudUnchained

In this Acronis #CyberFit Featured Interview, meet former FC Internazionale Milano defender Cristian Chivu. In his Club and international career, Chivu has won Serie A, Coppa Italia, Supercoppa Italiana, UEFA Champions League, and the FIFA Club World Cup; as well as captaining the Romanian national team.

Christian Chivu, FC Internazionale Milano

Around the World with Laura Dekker at CloudUnchained

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.” At age 16, adventurer Laura Dekker became the youngest person to sail around the world, a journey of determination, careful planning—and seriously pushing the rules. Today she runs the World Sailing Foundation, empowering a new generation of teens to explore the world—and themselves— through the art and craft of sailing. At CloudUnchained, Laura spoke to the CloudFest community about self-reliance, bravery, and how to achieve your long-term goals.

Laura Dekker, record-setting sailor

Al Peasland from ROKiT Williams Racing: Life in the Fast Lane at CloudUnchained

Ronan McCurtin sat down (remotely) with Al Peasland, Head of Technical and Innovation Partnerships at ROKiT Williams Racing as part of the Acronis Cyberfit Interview Series at CloudUnchained. We’re bringing the worlds of sport and cloud computing closer than ever!

Al Peasland, Head of Technical and Innovation Partnerships at ROKiT Williams Racing


When it feels like the world is changing beneath your feet, check in with these experts in the CloudFest community who can help you make sense of the new landscape in an actionable way.

How Innovative are You Really? 

That incorrigible innovator Milovan Milic dropped in on the CloudFest community at CloudUnchained to discuss innovation and product development in a time of global crisis. Big tech companies tend to survive crises that can crush smaller companies—or companies of any size in different industries. Here’s why NOW is the time to innovate.

Milovan Milic, founder and CEO of DevTech

The Internet was Made for This

Christian Dawson, Executive Director of i2Coalition, made a surprise appearance at CloudUnchained to discuss the unexpected ways in which the internet has been fulfilling its creators’ vision, even as it delivers a side order of memes.

Christian Dawson, Executive Director of i2Coalition

Decentralization and the Move out to the Edge

Infrastructure and cloud have been highly centralized. But the next generation of applications is going to require infrastructure at the edge to meet the higher performance requirements. What will the edge look like and how can service providers be a part of the value chain?

Philbert Shih, founder and managing director of Structure Research

Industry 4.0 – The next business opportunity for CSPs

The next industrial revolution is built upon the fundament of aggregating, analyzing and evaluating an ever-increasing amount of data. The correct utilization of these information creates huge potential to optimize business operations if data processes are effectively orchestrated from edge to cloud. A cloud based industry implementation that digitalizes all processes in the network of manufacturing or logistic companies will increase the efficiency of businesses. Join us to learn why Intel is your partner of choice when you want to leverage the full potential of Industry 4.0.

Florian Ranner, account director and Industry 4.0 lead strategist at Intel

The Future of the Desktop

Rolf Larsen is a serial entrepreneur who has taken deep dives into seriously niche areas of the tech world. His latest venture takes place where the domain industry, SaaS, and end-user UX come together.

Rolf Larsen, CEO, Chairman and founder of

Next-Generation Flexibility for Your Server Hardware

CSPs have to master the right hardware for a multitude of different applications in the DC with as little investment as possible—and the greatest possible flexibility. RNT Rausch developed the Tormenta Varioscaler, which is already used by the global market leaders. The system is developed and manufactured in Germany, proving that you don’t have to outsource everything to Asia in order to develop and manufacture competitive, tech-forward,, and unique solutions.

Sebastian Noelting, CEO of RNT Rausch GmbH

Selling Websites Successfully: How to Compete with the World’s Largest Web Hosting Company

While hosting providers and domain registrars look for ways to differentiate and boost revenue, it was reported that website builder Wix recently surpassed GoDaddy as the largest web hosting company in the world. But what can the industry learn from this new competitor segment that combines websites and hosting so successfully? And what is DIWM and why should we care?

Matt Matergia, General Manager Americas and VP of Sales at Mono Solutions

G-Portal: Massively, Massively Multiplayer

Anyone familiar with online gaming has probably heard of Minecraft. The success of this game is mainly driven by individualization through private game servers—and in this field, G-Portal is one of the leading hosts in the world. Today, G-Portal runs 100,000 private game servers, connecting more than 10 million players each month across over 40 countries. Partnering with giants like Intel and Dell, G-Portal also provides private game servers for Xbox and PlayStation games. Join G-Portal CEO Roberto Omezzolli in a fireside chat to find out what’s under the hood of this cloud powerhouse, what’s coming next, and what the rest of the Cloud can learn from gaming.

Roberto OmezzolliCEO of G-Portal


CloudFest helps entrepreneurs explore the opportunities in private equity. Find out how consolidators operate, what makes for a healthy partnership, and what a deal would mean for Cloud companies and their teams. You’ll be surprised by how many options you have!

Private Equity in 2020 and Beyond

This panel of entrepreneurial investors from leading CSP’ consolidators will explain how they operate, what makes for a healthy partnership, and what a deal would mean for Cloud entrepreneurs and their teams.

Daniel Hagemeier, CEO of dogado group
Norbert van der Knaap, investment manager at Strikwerda Investments
Torsten Hauschildt, Head of M&A at
Stephan Wolfram, CEO of


There’s more than one bottom line to consider—this is more clear now than ever. How do you identify opportunites to help someone else, in business or in life?

OpenWeStand: Helping Small Businesses Survive the Pandemic

As the world locked down, Ryan Fawcett, Senior Director of Partnerships at GoDaddy, talked to the CloudFest community about the OpenWeStand initiative, helping small businesses survive the onset of a global pandemic.

Ryan Fawcett, Senior Director of Partnerships at GoDaddy

Entrepreneurs for Knowledge: Lifeline for Pandemic-Stricken Families

A global pandemic cannot stop the urge to help others. Entrepreneurs for Knowledge brings together the expertise and resources of the tech community with the campaign for better educational infrastructure for those in need, and Leoni Rossberg, EFK’s program manager, joined us at CloudUnchained to discuss turning these ideas into concrete and live-saving action.

Leoni Rossberg, program manager at Entrepreneurs for Knowledge


“Nice story, tell it to Reader’s Digest!” Sometimes our rock-star speakers are actual rock stars! CloudFest gathers some of music’s enduring legends, and the global shutdown did not stop us! At CloudUnchained, we checked in with a heavy-metal innovator whose entrepreneurial reach goes further than you’d expect.

Megadeth, AZ is a State of Mind: David Ellefson at CloudUnchained

Besides rocking the sh*t out of stadiums around the world with Megadeth, David Ellefson is also an internet-based entrepreneur from Day One. Megadeth was the first big band to have a web presence, and has since embraced changes in social media as the online ecosystem has evolved. (Yes, they had a MySpace page.) David has leveraged internet technology for several other business ventures as well. He caught up with the CloudFest community at CloudUnchained during a recording break: here’s how it went down.

David Ellefson, co-founder and bassist of Megadeth


2020 also brought an emerging cyber-threat, so don’t get caught off guard. Here are some high-level experts to discuss the tools and disciplines you’ll need to detect and defeat web shell malware and defend your network against this growing danger.

WordPress Cybersecurity: Defeat Web Shell Malware

Web shell malware has been identified as a major threat to networks worldwide, and can compromise web servers that aren’t directly connected to the internet. As the most popular content management system in the world, WordPress is a high-profile target. At CloudUnchained, Monarx CEO Jeremy Warren and former WordPress security lead Aaron Campbell discussed the CloudFest community about the tools and disciplines you’ll need to detect and defeat web shell malware and defend your network against this increasing danger.

Jeremy Warren, CEO of Monarx
Aaron Campbell, former WordPress security lead