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Our media center offers attendees and partners alike a portfolio of assets that can be used across your social media channels to promote your attendance at our 2021 global event. This year’s theme is The Intelligent Cloud, exploring how AI can unlock the true potential of cloud computing at scale. From images, logos, banners, videos and even social media/online text, we make your publicity campaign effortless.


Our extensive library of high-quality images from previous CloudFest events provides an essential visual element to your social media campaign. Please feel free to use them appropriately across your promotional and social media channels.

Images are available for download from our Flickr channel.


Nothing shows CloudFest better than moving pictures, and our extensive library of high-quality videos from previous events illustrate precisely how it feels to be there. Please feel free to share our YouTube videos across your promotional and social media channels. If you need raw video footage, it can be downloaded at our Vimeo Channel:


Logos are a quick and easy way to promote your participation. We have them here, and they are available in CMYK and RGB formats. Both versions are contained in the download file.


We love banners, which is why we have made three different sizes available for your immediate use. Other sizes and formats are accessible on request:




When posting about this event on Twitter, please help to maximize interest and reach by using the official hashtag #CloudFest or tag us @cloudfest so we can be sure to follow along!

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When posting about this event on Facebook, please help to maximize interest and reach by using the official hashtag #CloudFest or tag us @cloudfest so we can be sure to follow along!

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CloudFest 2021: Connect With Us There With This Complimentary Pass!


CloudFest is the industry event of the year and stands as a monumental opportunity to connect with the leaders of our industry. Taking place from March 20-25 in Rust, Germany, CloudFest features inspiring speakers, ground-breaking technologies, practical workshops, and valuable opportunities in which to network with like-minded professionals. As an official CloudFest sponsor, you can use our code to register for free: [PARTNER FREE LINK WITH CODE ]

We look forward to seeing you there!


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CloudFest is the number-one gathering place for the cloud, hosting, and internet infrastructure professionals across the globe. Taking place in Rust, Germany from March 20-25, we are pleased to call ourselves a sponsor and would welcome you joining as our guest. Showcasing a host of fantastic opportunities to learn, connect, and grow, we feel confident it is the most critical industry event you will attend all year. Use our free partner code [PARTNER FREE LINK WITH CODE] to register today!

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CloudFest 2021 Is the Principal Gathering Place for Internet Industry Professionals


CloudFest 2021 (March 20-25) is a week-long festival featuring presentations by (and for) cloud, hosting and internet infrastructure professionals. Along with ample opportunities to hear from the industry’s leading voices, this event also offers a large-scale exhibition area to view technology’s latest innovations, hands-on workshops providing a deep-dive into trending news and topics, and critical networking occasions designed to help you truly connect. We’re a sponsor, and we’re pleased to offer you a complimentary pass to be our guest: [PARTNER FREE LINK WITH CODE]

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CloudFest 2021: Supporting the Advancement of Our Industry


We believe CloudFest is a critical opportunity to gather the full spectrum of the internet infrastructure space together to exchange information and support each other in our ongoing success and that of the industry-at-large. This is why we are proud to call ourselves a CloudFest 2021 partner. We welcome you joining us there to show your support of the industry. Get on board at be our guest by using this free access code: [PARTNER FREE LINK WITH CODE.]

We will see you in Rust!




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Looking forward to seeing you in Rust.