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When posting online to promote your time at CloudFest India, please help to maximize reach and interest in the event by including our official hashtag #CloudFest or tag @CloudFest in your activities!

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Join the [PARTNER NAME] team at #CloudFest India on May 23 in Mumbai! Registration is free and easy with our partner link: [PARTNER FREE LINK]

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We would welcome a sit-down with existing and potential new partners @CloudFest India. Here’s a special link for you to join us at no cost to you: [PARTNER FREE LINK]

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The movers and shakers of the internet space are coming together @CloudFest India to help shape the future of the industry. Be a part of it. Register now with this free link: [PARTNER FREE LINK]. We will see you Mumbai.

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Discover the latest innovations to hit the internet market at #CloudFest India. We invite you to join as our guest by using this free link: [PARTNER FREE LINK]

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Join us at #CloudFest India, Booth #XXXX. Register now and don’t worry about entry fees! Follow this link to take part as our guest: [PARTNER FREE LINK]


When posting online to promote your time at CloudFest India, please help to maximize reach and interest in the event by including our official hashtag #CloudFest or tag us on Facebook with @CloudFest.

The internet infrastructure space is coming together in Mumbai, India on May 23 to support the development of the industries future technologies. Whether your company’s expertise lies in the cloud, hosting, internet infrastructure or domaining space, CloudFest India welcomes you to a day devoted to learning, growing and connecting. Register now! We’ve got you covered: [PARTNER FREE LINK]

#CloudFest India offers attendees inspiring speakers, access to the latest technologies, and loads of opportunity to network and make real connections designed to grow your business. Take part by joining as our guest today: [PARTNER FREE LINK]

#CloudFest India is a “must-attend” event for those serious about growing their business. Connect to the important players of the Indian internet market space by joining us as our guest. Use this free code and register today: [PARTNER FREE LINK]

Take part in the most important internet industry event in the region by joining us at #CloudFest India. Use this complimentary link to register now as our guest: [PARTNER FREE LINK]


CloudFest India: Join Today as Our Guest For India’s Most Important Internet Technology Event

The wealth of opportunity which awaits internet professionals with respect to India is staggering. We believe in the power of what this emerging market can mean for the overall growth of our business and are excited to be taking part in CloudFest India to help further our reach. We invite you to join as our guest in Mumbai on May 23 and explore together, the vast potential this region has to offer. As an official event sponsor, you can use our free partner link  – [PARTNER FREE LINK] – to easily take part. We look forward to seeing you there.

Connecting with [PARTNER NAME] at CloudFest India

CloudFest India is one of the most important events in which to gather with the full spectrum of the internet industry space. This top-level conference is taking place in Mumbai (May 23) and represents an amazing opportunity for professionals to learn, grow and connect with the key players in the market. We see this as an event full of potential and therefore excited to be taking part as an official sponsor. We encourage you to join us and benefit from all CloudFest India has to offer by using this partner code –  [PARTNER FREE LINK]  – to take part –  for free!

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Join Us at CloudFest India 2018 for the Region’s Top Internet Industry Event


As our valued partner, we are passionate about providing you access to a full range of industry experts who can share insights into the latest trends and products shaking up the internet space. CloudFest India offers that and so much more. On May 23 in Mumbai, the full spectrum of the internet industry will join together in the spirit of learning, growing and connecting. Presentations by (and for) cloud, hosting and domaining leaders will be featured alongside a top-level exhibition space, as well as networking opportunities designed to be both informative and fun. We encourage you not to miss out as we are sponsoring this premium event and offering complimentary access to our most important guests: [PARTNER FREE LINK] 

We look forward to seeing you in Mumbai!

CloudFest India (Complimentary) Tickets Offer Premium Access to the Leaders of this Emerging Internet Market


We think it’s a valuable investment to come together as an industry and exchange information which helps us all to succeed. That’s why we are pleased to be a partner of CloudFest India for a day-long event in Mumbai which will feature the best and the brightest of our industry working towards the common goal of furthering our successes. Join us in celebrating the technologies that are making a mark today and long into the future. Register now via our partner link and be a part of the progress: [PARTNER FREE LINK] 

See you in Mumbai!


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Join us in Mumbai at #CloudFest India on May 23. Take part in the country’s top cloud, hosting and domaining event of the year. Use this specialty link to join in for free: XXXXXXX

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India’s top internet industry event – #CloudFest India – takes place in Mumbai on May 23 & we encourage you to join. Get serious about growing your business within this important region. Use free code – XXXXXXX – and take part!

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Join Us at #CloudFest India!

CloudFest India is the most important internet industry conference in the region, and we encourage you to sign on board today. Taking place in Mumbai on May 23, this event will bring together the top players across our industry’s spectrum to share ideas and showcase the latest products. As an official media sponsor, we want to see our community there. Therefore, we are inviting you to attend this important event on us.  

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Looking forward to seeing you in Mumbai!

As an official media sponsor of CloudFest India, we worked together to create a special offer for our community to attend the May 23 event –  free of charge – and we are pleased to now be able to extend that offer to you. Learn, connect and grow your business during this world-class event that is full of opportunity and fun. Use the following registration link – XXXXXXX – to sign on board today!

We look forward to seeing you in Mumbai!

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