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May 23, 2018 | Mumbai | India

CloudFest India was amazing. This was India’s most important cloud, hosting and internet infrastructure event of the year! – The Grand Hyatt Mumbai Hotel, May 23, 2018.


Thank You for Making CloudFest India Special!

We at CloudFest wanted to extend our deepest appreciation and gratitude for joining us for our 2018 Mumbai event. With such a dynamic list of speakers, compelling partners and engaged attendees, it was bound to be nothing but the best of its kind and we thank you all for making it special.

»The energy level here is fantastic. The people are unbelievable… very knowledgeable.«

Raghu Murthi, GoDaddy

There was so much content you shared that I would love to revisit those ideas in a hard copy presentation. Can I access a copy?

Many of our speakers have generously shared a PDF of their presentations for your viewing and downloadable pleasure. Please go to our CloudFest India agenda where you can quickly gain access to this great content.

I saw lots of photos taken during the event. Do we have access?

Yes! Our CloudFest Flickr channel is the place to access photos of the day’s event. They are also available for easy download and when you do, please feel free to share them across your social media channels and don’t forget to tag us – #CloudFest

Wait, I think I saw a video crew too. Is there a CloudFest India movie?

Sure is and we are more than happy to share it with you. Reflect back on all the fun you had at CloudFest India by sitting back and enjoying those special memories in film. Check out our YouTube channel to gain quick and easy access to this fun and engaging film!

I heard registration is also open for CloudFest 2019 global. Is that really true?!

Yes it is because there is no time like the present to join… especially since we are offering up a FREE ticket to those who get on board early! Simply visit cloudfest.com, enter your details and consider your place saved. Oh and just because we think you are special, we are throwing in a CloudFest branded t-shirt which is guaranteed to make your friends and neighbors pretty darn jealous.


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»India is a very interesting and special market with lots of potential.«


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