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Throughfest the week of CloudFest, thousands of photos and hundreds of hours of video are captured and ultimately curated, edited, and posted online for partners and attendees to enjoy and eventually share throughout their social media channels. Be a supporter of CloudFest’s memory bank by becoming our digital media sponsor. In so doing, your company gains access to non-watermarked photo and video assets to use at your pleasure. Beyond this, there exists a stronglist of supplementary benefits in taking on this sponsorship role. Contact our sales team to learn more!

Meet the Sales Team

Johannes Gottschlich

Head of Sales


Phone: +49 2203 9934-5910

Alexey Gaverdovskiy

Sales and Business Development


Phone: +49 2203 9934-5902

Leah Musshoff

Junior Sales Manager


Phone: +49 2203 9934-5913