Data-Driven Online Advertising

16,000 / Up to 450,000 Ad Impressions
10,000 / Up to 250,000 Ad Impressions
5,000 / Up to 100,000 Ad Impressions
(VAT not included)

If you have a booth at CloudFest, then you also want to reach visitors to our website—and we can make that happen. Directly target potentials and participants of CloudFest to take advantage of hot leads. You can show your ads to our audience directly on third-party websites. Additional options for targeting a larger audience in the worldwide IT vertical are available. A consultant from B2B Media Group will manage your display campaign to ensure best performance. Create a campaign to run pre-event to generate interest in your booth or presentation, post-event to follow up and solidify leads, or both.


Johannes Gottschlich

Head of Sales


Phone: +49 2203 9934-5910

Alexey Gaverdovskiy

Sales and Business Development


Phone: +49 2203 9934-5902

Leah Musshoff

Junior Sales Manager


Phone: +49 2203 9934-5913